Small Firm with Big Vision Celebrates 20 Years

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Michael, Sep 30, 2004.

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    Chapel Hill, North Carolina— OCUTECH, one of the world's foremost
    innovators in developing optical devices to aid the visually impaired,
    is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Established in 1984, Ocutech was
    born to develop and commercialize an optical design patented by its
    founder and President, Dr. J. Russ Pekar.

    Pekar, born visually impaired himself, knew first hand the challenges
    that individuals face making their way in the world of the normally
    sighted. "While there were devices available that would allow him to
    see beyond the length of his arm, they were clumsy, heavy, and
    unsightly. "It struck me that by combining a periscope and telescope
    together I might be able to produce a device that was easier to wear,
    optically superior, and less conspicuous," said Pekar. That was the
    basis for what is now an internationally known firm that manufactures
    and ships its very special eyeglasses to vision rehabilitation
    specialists throughout the world.

    Recent studies show that the incidence of visual impairment will
    increase as baby boomers age, and while exciting medical progress is
    being made to control vision threatening diseases such as macular
    degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma, even with treatment, individuals
    may be left with less than normal vision. These individuals, who are
    described as having "low vision," need good lighting and significant
    magnification to read up close, and special telescopic glasses, called
    bioptics, to see at a distance.

    Dr. Henry Greene is Vice President of Ocutech. An optometrist and
    Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, and Director of the Vision
    Rehabilitation Service at the University of North Carolina, Greene
    helped to direct the development projects. He has found that these
    new devices have been able to open up the world for many individuals,
    children, adults and seniors, who previously had been told that
    nothing more could be done for them. "While no device can help every
    visually impaired person, the success we have achieved with these
    devices has been very heart warming indeed," Greene said.

    Ocutech systems, some of which resemble a small camera perched across
    the top of regular eyeglasses, have evolved over the years. From
    devices that were focused by hand to view objects at different
    distances, to the breakthrough Ocutech VES-Autofocus, the
    first ever self-focusing telescopic eyeglasses for the visually
    impaired, Ocutech has strived to make their devices easier and more
    natural to use.
    Michael, Sep 30, 2004
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