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Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by louis, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. louis

    louis Guest


    I have been using a computer quiet intensly over the last 15 years, and
    over the last 5 years probably for at least 8 hours a day, every day. I
    usually take breaks every 2-3 hours or so. For the last 3 months i
    haven't been able to watch TV, use a computer or be around flurecent
    lights. Even normal lights make my eyes sore, although normal sunlight
    doesn't usually cause them to get sore. I have read all similar threads
    and tried various practitioners but so far i am unable to find a
    solution and was wondering if anyone might be able to help or even
    point me in the right direction. Below i have included my details and
    details of my condition. Should you like any further information about
    me please ask.

    Thankyou very much in advance.



    My Details:

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Computer Programmer
    I am pretty fit and active. I run 5km twice a week and go to gym 2-3
    times a week.
    I do not currently take any medication


    Please see picture at . The red lines
    indicate where it is sore. On the picture of the eye up the top, the
    red line shows where in my eye it hurts. It is sore in this spot but
    more to the back of the eye, not on the surface. The bottom eyelid also
    feels a bit dry but i have not drawn this in. This dryness is easily
    barable and i am not too worried about it, probably just classic dry
    eye. In the picture below i have drawn red lines on a body showing
    where else it hurts when my eyes get sore. Pain comes down to my chest
    (left side when left eye sore and right side when right eye sore) and
    accross to my ear. My left eye is more sore than my right, but if i
    close my left eye and keep watching tv then the right eye will get sore
    too in the same way.


    MAIN THINGS - Things that will make it sore within 2 minutes

    T.V. - Worse if the TV is the only source of light in the room
    Computer screen (Both C.R.T. & L.C.D.) - Worse if the monitor is the
    only source of light in the room. Higher refresh rates help.
    Flurecent lights
    L.E.D. lights - especially when it's dark
    Driving at night

    OTHER THINGS - Things that make it sore in 5 - 10 minutes plus

    Talking to someone when the light source is behind them and there is no
    light source behind me and their face is slightly shadowed.
    Reading on paper
    Normal lights but to a lesser extent
    If i don't sleep well
    The "shine" off of shiney objects on a sunny day


    Eating healthy food
    A hot towel over the eyes
    Weak reading glasses allow me to read off of paper a little longer
    Sunglasses under flurecent lights help a bit.


    4 Different optomitrists

    All said my eyes worked fine and none knew why i was having this

    Tried various eye drops (Thera Tears, Bion Tears & Systane)
    Thera tears helped slightly (less than 5% better) but i didn't want to
    keep taking them because i hear its bad for your eyes to keep using

    Tried some different tints. Pink tint did seem to help maybe about 5%

    Weak reading glasses - help when reading on paper (can read for double
    the length of time. Increase from about 5 minutes to 10 minutes)

    Michelle Crone - Natropath

    Gave me healthy food to eat. Also gave me some CoQ10, magnesium & zinc.
    These things seemed to help about 5% by increasing my recovery rate. It
    didn't protect my eyes or make them get sorer any slower when exposed
    to things that make them hurt

    Dr Tony Stubbs - Eye Doctor

    Tony didn't really listen to anything i had to say but just prescribed
    me steroid eye drops. I took these for 4 weeks, gradually reducing the
    dosage but they didn't help at all.
    I haven't been back because i didn't feel he cared in the least.

    Michael Christian - Eye Centre

    Michael spent a bit of time with me trying different lenses. All the
    lenses were very weak but
    they did seem to help my balance (he got me to walk around in circles
    and do squats) and also helped me see a bit "deeper" as in more 3d. He
    said that my eyes were like a radio that wasn't tuned in properly and
    the muscles in my eyes were tired from having to try to ignore the hiss
    or background noise. In some sample text he had the writing appeared to
    be 'softer' and didn't appear as sharp as without the glasses. They
    seemed to stop some of the pain when reading off of paper. The lights
    (normal type) in his office were still causing me pain though and had
    to keep them off. I have to wait till next week till i get the glasses
    since he is making them up for me. From what i experienced at Michael's
    practice these glasses seem to help about 30 - 35% - more than anything
    else thus far.


    I am currently booked in to se the following people over the next
    couple of months.

    Dr Andrew Narita - Eye Doctor

    Dr Ben Clissold - Neurologist

    Jenni Limb - MORA Therapy & NES
    louis, Aug 24, 2006
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  2. louis

    N.N.Hage Guest

    I have really bad eyes as well but there is this supplement I have been
    taking and it works awesome. If you are interested I can help you get
    signed up. Nick
    N.N.Hage, Aug 24, 2006
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  3. louis

    Vernon Guest

    The first thing to hopefully eliminate is any form of epilepsy.
    Vernon, Aug 24, 2006
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