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Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Tom Orchard, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Tom Orchard

    Tom Orchard Guest

    I play racquetteball, and have worn sports glasses (such as recspecs),
    while playing, for more than 30 years. My last pair cracked at the
    corner (a common failure point in my experience) so I need to replace
    them, but am having trouble finding a suitable replacement frame.

    My prescription is -5.75 in both eyes, with +.75 cylinder in one eye.
    I am 54 years old. However, at my last eye exam, I got the Dr. to
    write me a prescription with 0.5 add (-5.25) for sport glasses,
    because I don't need to see at infinite distances for racquetteball,
    and this will, I hope, make them slightly better for the middle
    distances I use them for. These will be SV lenses, of course,
    polycarbonate 3mm.

    I got one pair made but they were a pair of "helmet" frames, which
    means they have almost no side pieces (temples). I didn't realize (and
    wasn't told) what they were designed for. They are very comfortable,
    but when you get hit on the glasses they tend to "tilt" because there
    are no temples, and the outside edge of the lens (which sticks out
    behind the frame in a -5 prescription), cuts you just outside the eye.
    This has happend twice in the 3 months I have owned them, so I am out
    looking for a replacement. And yes, they do have a "safety bevel", or
    rounding, on the back edge. But the impact from a high speed racquette
    ball is very hard, and you will get cut. I have had this happen with a
    strong impact when using more conventional sport glasses, but only
    when the frame cracked or broke. It happens much easier with these
    helmet frames.

    Today I visited 8 different opticians in the local area, including
    national chains and local opticians. Some only had one or two frames,
    in "kid" sizes. Some of the frames are only available in psychedelic
    colors, which may sell to teenagers, but doesn't apeal much to me. :)
    Most of the frames are quite "wrap around", which causes difficulties
    with a -5 prescription -- I have tried these before, and while I could
    live with the the periperal distortion, the additional power that the
    wrap induces does bother me.

    Some of the frames could probably be bent at the nose piece to a
    flatter shape, but my past experience is that they tend to bend back
    (unflatten), because all these sport glasses have elastic bands to
    hold them in place, and the elastic tends to make them wrap again.
    Also, when you bend them at the nose piece to make them flatter, you
    have to bend them in more at the outside corners to get them to fit
    the face, and that bend at the corner is where they always fail (crack
    or break). Seems to me you don't want to bend there more than you have

    I did see some Hilco sport frames, called Zoom and Sniper, that looked
    and felt quite good, except for a possible wrap-around problem. They
    have some nice features. The frame socket where the lens sits is
    smaller behind the lens than in front, so the lens cannot pop out
    backwards (towards your eye). They have a small screw in the nose
    piece that loosens to open the frames enough so that you can insert
    the lenses, then you tighten again. The design of the side pieces has
    some pieces that curve fairly close to your face, that make it quite
    stable, it seems to me it would be difficult for this frame to "tilt"
    enough to have the lens cut me. (Though they are also seem more
    flexible than older style frames, so they might bend enough to
    counteract this design. And of course if the frame breaks under high
    impact, then all bets are off.)

    I liked them and they were very comfortable. However, they do have
    some wrap-around (or bend at the nose piece), and because of the screw
    in the nose piece used to tighten the frame around the lenses, both
    opticians who showed this frame to me stated that they could not be
    bent to be flatter.

    Both opticians thought it would be "no problem" in a -5.25
    prescription, but I'm not sure I trust that. Certainly, none of the
    opticians I talked to knew as much as I did about how sports glasses
    fail, and the problems with the lens cutting you, etc. And they pretty
    much all carried the same styles.

    One optician, showing me a different frame, was certain that they
    could "fix" the wrap problem by using a -4 base curve on the
    polycarbonate SV lenses, instead of the "normal" -2 base curve. This
    didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, I would have thought higher
    base curve would make things worse, but I don't really understand the
    base curve issue.


    Any suggestions for where to find an optician that fits enough of
    these to be knowelegeable?

    Any suggestions for other frames that might suit me better?

    Any experience with the Hilco Zoom/Sniper frames in a -5 to -6

    Will changing the base curve of the lens make higher curvarture frames
    more usable?

    I appreciate any comments.

    Tom Orchard, Nov 11, 2003
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