Stay Away From Eyeglass World!!!

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Santos L. Halper, May 25, 2004.

  1. Eyeglass World is full of lazy, incompetent, liars. I strongly
    recommend you run screaming from Eyeglass World.

    First, their 2 for 1 offer is bogus. It's a continuous offer, not a
    special. It saves you no money. They use high pressure sales
    techniques. They don't have prices on their frames, so you have to
    haggle, and you can't compare prices beforehand. This is a standard
    manipulative sales technique. The salesmen also do everything they can
    to push extras including the $20 warranty.

    They're also incompetent They made mistakes with both lenses of my
    glasses. One had the astigmatism correction off by 90 degrees, the
    other had a grinding flaw.

    They're also liars. The top bar of the frames I picked out from the
    wall was not straight. It was kind of wavy. It looked like it had been
    badly bent and then straightened. I assumed they were just floor
    models and I would be getting new frames. But no. After the glasses
    were made, I pointed out the bent frames and asked for new ones. I was
    told they'd order new frames. When I came in to pick them up, I looked
    carefully at the section of the frames which had been bent. It was
    still not exactly straight. They had straightened the frames and tried
    to pass them off on me as new. This was nothing less than outright
    fraud. I insisted on new frames.

    Over the next four weeks, yes four weeks, I called them several times
    asking if the new frames had arrived. They always said they'd call me
    back and never did. Finally after I said I was getting extremely
    angry, they got new frames from another Eyeglass World location.

    I came in, checked the new frames, pointed out the flaw in the other
    lens, and they agreed to remake it. I came in to pick the glasses up,
    and they had put the lenses in the damaged frames again! I strongly
    suspect this was not an accident. It was a last ditch attempt to get
    rid of damaged merchandise. I pointed out that they had given me the
    bent frames again and they swapped the lenses.

    I did finally get my glasses with good lenses and undamaged frames,
    but it took over a month, required numerous phone calls, and five, yes
    five, trips to the store. I'm absolutely furious with these lying
    idiots. Stay away from Eyeglass World!

    Keywords: problem problems fraud report review warning con men
    Santos L. Halper, May 25, 2004
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  2. Santos L. Halper

    Ragnar Suomi Guest

    Just as an addendum to your post.. Eyeglass World is the creation of
    the Musa Brothers - the same group of criminals that created LVI.
    They got mega-rich doing it too.
    Ragnar Suomi, May 26, 2004
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  3. Santos L. Halper

    Ragnar Suomi Guest

    Not cousins.. they are the Musa Brothers. Marco looks like a clone of
    Ed Begley Jr. in one of his villainous yuppie roles. If you don't
    think crime doesn't pay, just consider that he is a multi-millionaire
    who drives a Bentley and as far as I know, he has no advanced
    eduction. One of the brothers is an optometrist. They operate
    nationwide in over 100 locations. Some of their LASIK surgeons are
    not even ophthalmologists. I find it amazing that the anti-RS people
    don't lift a finger to go after them.
    Ragnar Suomi, May 26, 2004
  4. Santos L. Halper

    DoctorMyEye Guest

    Everyone who has gone after LVI or Eyeglass World has run into the
    best legal talent that money can buy. The Florida case that involved
    the Florida State Attorney General ended up in an out-of-court
    settlement and no admission of wrongdoing. An expose in three major
    cities that I know of "hit the wall" when the Musas threatened to
    stop buying newspaper ads to the tune of millions of dollars annually.
    DoctorMyEye, May 26, 2004
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