Sterilisation of soft contact lenses at home: how?

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by gundam.f0rtre55, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I wear 1-year soft contact lenses; my optician told me that my contact
    lenses have very often protein deposits, because my eyes produces too
    much of those kind of proteins (don't ask me what kind...). Anyway, he
    gave me Ultrazyme (once a week) and Polyclens II to rub the lenses 1-2
    times per month. However this is not enough: I notice that my contact
    lenses are not clean completely and my eyes notice it as well (I have
    a sense of disturbing through the whole day, and the eyes and the
    lenses becomes somehow "dry").

    The only way my eyes feel comfortable with contact lenses, is when the
    optician cleans them by himself; however it costs me a lot of money,
    since I have to do it several times a year.

    Can you suggest me a good "instrument" or "system" for a good
    sterilization of soft contact lenses for home usage?

    I heard about the "Plurilens" system, but I also read that it is not a
    very efficient equipment for home usage.

    Thank you very much for your suggestions,
    gundam.f0rtre55, Mar 22, 2008
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