Storing RGPs wet or dry

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by tenplay, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. tenplay

    tenplay Guest

    Because I occasionally lose a RGP contact lens, I always keep an extra
    pair around. Does it matter if the extra pair is stored in solution or
    dry? A friend told me that it should be stored dry. But then, if I
    need the extra lens quickly in an emergency, they would be very
    uncomfortable because they are dry, wouldn't they? Thanks for your advice.
    tenplay, Aug 30, 2004
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  2. tenplay

    Guest Guest



    Real RGP lenses are best stored dry when we are speaking of a long term
    A normal person does not change the solution every day in the extra pair
    lenses case so the solution after a while became Mc Donald's for bacteria.

    Store them (after cleaning them) dry.
    My common advise is to store them for an hour or two in FRESH rinsing
    solution before you use those extra lenses.

    Hope this advise helps,

    Jan (normally Dutch spoken)
    Guest, Aug 30, 2004
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