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Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Eugene Phar, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    After wearing soft contacts (Acuvue 2) for 4 months without problems I
    developed some kind of strange feeling - it probably isnt a dry eye
    (that is what my opthalmologist said), but when there is a low
    humidity of the air (sunny days) I feel burning in my eyes and as if
    there were an eyelash in my eye. I've met twice with my opthalmologist
    recently and he said that winter is a more difficult time for contact
    wearers. He advised me to use Clerz drops on more frequent basis. It
    did not help. When my eyes start to burn the drops seem not to change
    anything. I met with him second time and he said that it could have
    been caused by some alergic reaction of my eyes. He gave me Patanol
    drops to use twice a day (before I put contacts on and after I take
    them out), but after few days my eyes feel the same. My lens
    prescription is OD -9.5 OS -6.5 (bc 8.7 dia 14) with cylindrical
    correction in spectacles worn over them.
    Do you have any ideas what the cause of that could be? Has anyone
    experienced the same thing? I dont want to give up on those contact
    lenses because my vision is much better in them than in glasses (not
    mentioning the ugly look of thick lenses in glasses).
    Thanks for help

    Eugene Phar, Jan 7, 2004
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  2. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    Today I met with my doc again, he says that for him it looks as if
    there was some dryness (could have been caused by the blower in my
    car, and general lower humidity). Alcon dops did not help and now he
    gave me Refresh LiqiGel drops to use when I go to bed. I just tried
    them - they fell like oil, but also seem not to help. What would you
    advise me to do? I am getting crazy about it, and feel miserable.
    Does anyone have any comments?
    I tried to wear glasses again but after 4 months I already got used to
    those contacts and in glasses my vision is much different (abberations
    I see better in contacts OD -9.50 OS -6.50 with spectacles over them
    (OD cyl -2.00 ax 40 OS cyl -2.00 ax 150) than just in glasses with
    prescription OD -11.25 cyl -2.25 ax 28 OS -8.00 cyl -2.50 ax 145).

    Please write some comments on this or make any suggestions that would
    help me.

    Eugene Phar, Jan 8, 2004
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  3. It's difficult.

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    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 8, 2004
  4. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    how is it then possible that there were no problems for first 4
    there are also days when my eyes feel fine. As I said rewetting drops
    dont help much. Is there a possibility that i could have the same
    problems with RGPs?
    Eugene Phar, Jan 8, 2004
  5. you will have the same problems unless you learn how to stop the strain
    in the eye and mind.

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    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 8, 2004
  6. Eugene Phar

    Dan Abel Guest

    I'm not any kind of medical person, but I suspect dry eyes also. You may
    not have had problems the first 4 months because the humidity was higher
    in the fall than in the winter. I find that being at work dries out my
    eyes because of the heating and cooling in summer and winter.

    However, I find that the rewetting drops help, but only if I use them
    *before* the burning starts. If they aren't helping you, and you are
    using them often, then that could shoot my theory.
    Dan Abel, Jan 8, 2004
  7. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    I feel burning rather in the morning which turns to some kind of
    irritation by the end of the day. I feel more eye strain in the
    evening when its dark, and then I experience kind of foreign body
    sensation in the eyes, not severe but still destroys my feelings. When
    its dark I happen to see some halos (for extremely short time after
    blinking - Does all contacts wearers experience such a thing?)

    Patanol drops did not change the situation so we probably can say that
    the problem is not caused by allergy eyes. On the other hand when the
    irritation begins, drops taken seem not to help (even if taken every
    hour or two, so it probably does not agree with your theory.
    Yesterday I took Liquigel (for severely and moderate dry eyes) drops
    in the evening and they also did not change the situation. I also took
    them fer hours ago and now I feel the same.

    Would change in contacts brand help? If yes, what types? Now I use
    Acuvue 2.
    My doc still says that for him it looks like dryness. However I have
    never experienced dry eyes when I was wearing glasses.
    Eugene Phar, Jan 8, 2004
  8. Contacts lenses are second in dangerousness only to lasik and other
    surgical operations. This means they are very very dangerous all the same.

    The symptoms developed after their introduction are evidence of mental

    The people that develop those symptomsa re most fortunate because they
    can convince dthemselves that these devices are not suitable for them
    and avoid so their use. This is pure luck! Otherwise, things get worse
    day by day and recover from many years opf contact lenses it seems, on
    average, much more difficult.

    Anyway, I have used -4 contact lenses semi-rigid between 1986 and 1990,
    and I can witness that you can recover. But I think that I could have
    spared much time for recovery if I hadn't used them in the first place.

    With eyeglasses you keep a consciousness that you are not "right" with
    your eyes.

    With contacts, if you get accustomed to them and this does not produce
    symptoms, you can easily "forget" your defect and accept the belief that
    you are seeing well. This is not right, because you are not seeing well
    at all: you are seeing a world which is artificially made more near of
    what it is in reality. This is truly bad. It wrecks you natural faculty
    of imagination, stares your fixation and acts as a subtle generator of
    uneasiness in the bodymind. All sorts of disease may develop, not only
    related to the eye.

    Modern medicine is full of such stories of strange, unknown ailments
    continually popping up despite the strong efforts tried by the medical
    class to find the best treatrents.

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    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 8, 2004
  9. Eugene Phar

    Dan Abel Guest

    For me it's definitely the contacts. I also have never had dry eye with
    glasses. The other thing is simple dehydration. We got lost once while
    hiking. The being lost part wasn't a problem, since we were circling a
    lake. The problem was that the trail didn't go all the way around the
    lake, and it was starting to get dark. We were out way longer than
    planned, and only had a pint of water for the five of us on a hot, long
    hike through rough territory. I got home and my contact literally fell
    out of my eye because it had dried out.
    Dan Abel, Jan 9, 2004
  10. No. What happens if he finds "good" contacts that he finds himself fit
    with? He will disregard the only intelligent messages his eyes were
    sending, that was "please help me relieve the strain".

    How can you all be so blind, is difficult to understand.

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    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 9, 2004
  11. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    Is there any way that I could chaeck for sure if the lenses are loose?
    I have met few times with my opthalmologist in last 3 weeks so I think
    he would've noticed if the lenses were loose.

    "So the simplest and cheapest thing I'd try first is changing the fit,
    at the
    same time switching to contacts made from a different class of

    Mike, is it any type you would suggest? Should I consider RGPs as

    Today I have been wearing glasses (quality of the sight is much worse
    than in contacts, eveything seems to be smaller [especially my eyes
    when I look into the mirror]). While at home I didn't feel burning or
    irritation (besides much different vision in comparison to contacts)

    After few hours I drove to my school and I also noticed burning when
    the air blower in the car was on, but the burning stopped once I got
    out of the car. When I had contacts on, the burning stayed longer.

    I forgot to previously mention that recently I have very small pimples
    on my eye lids.
    On the left eye the pimple is in the middle of the upper eyelid, right
    where the eye touches the eyelid. The second pimple is on the lower
    eyelid but more to the left (also in place where eyelid touches the
    eye). There also was a pimple on the eyelid of the right eye but it
    disappeared after few hours. Is it an indication of any kind of a

    To Chimera:
    I know that I can wear glasses but the contacts give me much better
    vision. The glasses with my prescription (right eye -11.25 left -8.25)
    dont give very good results there is some distortion, the lenses have
    to be small because of the thickness etc Isn't it surprising for you
    that I see better with contacts OD -9.5 OS -6.5 than in glasses OD
    -11.25 OS -8.00?
    I also heared that RGPs are more difficult to wear than soft contacts.

    In addition my vision when corrected gives me only 20/70
    The doctor that I met with said that my cornea is not a very good
    material for lasik because it is thin.
    I am still not convinced that it is a permannent dryness of my eyes
    because there were no problems for the first 4 months of wearing

    Thank you for all your replies.
    Eugene Phar, Jan 9, 2004
  12. Eugene Phar

    taurusrc Guest

    You need to try different rewetting drops. I tried several before I found one
    that was comfortable and effective. I am using Systane. My doctor gave me
    samples of several different kinds which he had in his office.

    taurusrc, Jan 9, 2004
  13. Eugene Phar

    Eugene Phar Guest

    Thank you Jkumar so much for the advice.
    When I met with my doctor I mentioned it to him but at that time I had
    only one pimple on the upper eyelid (as I said before it is placed
    underneath [in case of upper eyelid] the line of the eyelashes but it
    actually touches the eye) of the right eye which disappeared after few
    hours so when I was in doctor's office he probably couldn't see it.
    But I will stress it more on Wednesday when I have an appointment with
    Would those pimples cause any negative effects as to quality of
    They are not red but the same color as the neighboring tissue of the
    eyelid, relatively small and now there are two of them on the left

    Mike, do you also have any comments on that?
    Eugene Phar, Jan 10, 2004
  14. Eugene Phar

    Neil_Brooks Guest

    You may want to see an ophthalmologist, asking that they look at the
    inside of your eyelids. Possibly something called giant papillary
    conjunctivitis. This could contribute to eye irritation and vision

    Wouldn't rush right out for refractive surgery as a severe dry eye
    patient. To my knowledge, *every* refractive surgery has a tendency
    to exacerbate dry eyes.

    Some of the nightly eye lubes (I use Genteal) seem to offer relief,
    especially when the regimen is maintained consistently. A humidifier
    in the room where you sleep can help. The flax seed oil caps seem to
    have nothing but upside.

    You may want to ask your ophthalmologist whether you're experiencing
    any issues relating to accommodative spasm. You have a strong
    prescription, handled by cl's *and* glasses. Lots of optical issues.
    Probably lots of accommodation on your part.

    Just some thoughts from the cheap seats. Best of luck!
    Neil_Brooks, Jan 18, 2004
  15. That's interesting!

    This means surgery is not a solution.

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    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 19, 2004
  16. Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 19, 2004

  17. He is not a doctor otherwise he would have said he is a doctor!
    Rishi Giovanni Gatti, Jan 20, 2004
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