Strange intermittant depth perception problem.

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by gzmom, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. gzmom

    gzmom Guest

    I would appreciate any thoughts anyone can give on this matter, and
    thanks in advance.

    I am 35 year old female. When I was 8 years old, I experienced my first
    strange eye problem. I was in piano lessons under flourescent light. As
    I looked at the page reading the notes (the print was pretty large and
    clear) it appeared to shrink and pull away from my field of vision. It
    continued until everything in my field of vision appeared flat and
    dimensionless. Then, I began seeing double. I cried because I couldn't
    read the notes. After closing my eyes and resting it seemed to return
    to normal. My mother took me to an opthamologist. I was very young, and
    he diagnosed a slight astigmatism and slight far sightedness. I was
    prescribed glasses, which helped general fuzziness of small print but
    not much more help. He indicated something like "ciliary spasms"?? And
    that the condition, since it only occurred sometimes I would likely
    outgrow. After subsequent visits where I did not improve, we tried a
    "stick-on prism" lens that make a huge difference in my depth
    perception (like everything seemed so 3-d! I recall being very
    excited!), but never got to getting a ground in prism.

    To this day, I do have this occur to me on occasion. When this happens,
    I lose nearly all depth perception. At that point, I usually close my
    eyes and rest for a while rather than let it get to double vision
    I also have nearly chronic daily headache. I do not wear my glasses,
    and all optometrist visits indicate a very weak astigmatism and have
    even been told that I don't need them enough to worry about.

    In general, my vision is likely the typical astigmatism. Text (fonts
    like courier are really bad) tends to move a bit and appear slightly
    blurred. Black words on white background, and courier type or serifed
    fonts are worse for making my eyes get tired. The lighting does seem to
    make the problem more pronounced, as does general working at computer
    or reading for long periods. I looked at Irlen syndrome, and I
    recognize that a gray background with black text is easier on my eyes.
    I don't know that I think this colored overlay approach is a real
    solution to my problem, but if it could reduce eyestrain???

    Does this sound like a typical binocular disorder? Does this sound like
    something that could respond to some office therapy visits? Should I be
    wearing my glasses? Should I have a prism lens again? Any ideas?

    Thanks again for reading this far!
    gzmom, Sep 19, 2005
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