Sudden loss of vision, please advise

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by ecyberbox, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. ecyberbox

    ecyberbox Guest

    Sudden loss of vision, please advise

    Following couple of preliminary stages I now lost vision with my left
    eye. About two weeks ago I started seeing pulsating dots forming a
    chromatic crescent-like shape. The crescent was located in the left
    side of my left eye vision (if you imagine a clock dial, the crescent
    was from 7-11 o'clock) the rest of the left eye image was fine. This
    abnormality disappeared in about an 30 min or so.

    A week ago, however, I started seeing net of yellow dots superimposed
    on the rest of the image. At this point I was referred to an
    ophthalmologist. After the exam I was told that my left eye is healthy
    and so the official conclusion was "aura of a migraine" (I did not have
    headache/migraine before, at, or after the exam but I ought to mention
    that my mum has acute migraine). I was told to make a follow up in
    about a month.

    All of a sudden, couple of days ago, I see almost nothing with my left
    eye. This time I went to emergency. Currently, I see a grey circle and
    I see nothing through it. I see heavily blurred object/subjects
    occurring only in a very minimal peripheral area around the grey
    circle. During the emergency exam I noticed that I don't actually see
    any light source with my left eye regardless of its proximity. The
    pulsating yellow dots are still there. If I cover my right (good) eye
    then with my left eye I see almost nothing.

    I'm 27 and I've been wearing mild prescription glasses for about 10
    years. I've never had anything remotely close to this problem. What
    might be causing this?

    ecyberbox, Dec 3, 2005
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  2. ecyberbox

    otisbrown Guest

    Dear L.S.,

    I am not a doctor, but I has similar
    symptoms. From long research,
    and the fact that a cousin lost her
    vision to a detached retina, I was
    well aware of this possibility.

    I am surprised you were not examined
    for this possibility. The normal
    process is to "stich" the retina
    back to the back of the eye using
    pusles from a laser.

    Your problem might not be this way, but
    perhaps you should get a second opinion.


    otisbrown, Dec 3, 2005
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  3. ecyberbox

    acemanvx Guest

    A retinal detachment comes to mind and I hope they tested for this! Do
    you feel any pain in that eye? Has the doctors tested for all possible
    signs of disease? There has to be a reason why you went blind in one
    eye! This is scary and I hope the doctors can restore vision in that
    acemanvx, Dec 3, 2005
  4. ecyberbox

    Dom Guest

    Sounds like it might be an optic nerve problem and if this is the case
    you really need to be seeing an expert urgently, not asking on the internet.

    Any sudden total loss of vision like yours, especially unresolved, is an
    emergency situation.

    What was the result of your emergency exam? Surely they tried find the
    cause of your problem at the time? Did they just send you home?

    Dom, Dec 3, 2005
  5. ecyberbox

    Dick Adams Guest

    My experience with visual migraine disturbances is that they
    affect the vision of both eyes in a similar manner, and that they
    last less than an hour.

    Curiously, at about the time I had my first episode, I also had an
    attack of something which was said to be "chorioretinitis". It
    threw out floaters, and caused a persistent "scotoma" (flashing
    blind spot), which could be seen by doctors as lesion between
    the center of the retina, and the point of optic-nerve entry.

    I was treated by an MD with hypodermic injections of foreign
    protein". I am glad you reminded me of this, because I mean to
    enter it in my white paper about strange experiences with medical
    doctors. It was a young doctor at a college health service. I was
    a student then (>50 years ago).

    Over decades, the lesion healed so that the scotoma was no longer
    apparent, and no scar could be seen with a retinascope. Today
    I have floaters in both eyes, but worse in the subject eye.

    The "migraine disturbances" continue but are very infrequent, and
    pass quickly, particular if I chew up and swallow an aspirin tablet.
    I have never had a migraine headache.

    Today I would conclude that the two events|conditions were coincidentally
    related though at the time it was thought that they were causally related.

    I will be interested to learn what an opthamologist, or other medical
    doctor, may say after examining you. (Along with leeches, it is doubtful
    if they do subcutaneous foreign proteins anymore.)
    Dick Adams, Dec 3, 2005
  6. wrote in
    What did they tell you there?
    Scott Seidman, Dec 5, 2005
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