Suffering strain - desperate for help with eyeglasses problem

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Vudoo, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. Vudoo

    Vudoo Guest

    Complicated Eyeglasses Problem:
    I've been wearing eyeglasses my whole life, and this is the first time
    anything like this has ever happened.

    I have been suffering with my eyeglasses for the past 2 to 3 years.
    About 2 years ago, my original pair got scratched badly so I went in to
    get them replaced. When I got my new pair (new frames, new lenses), my
    vision through them was very stressful - I could only see clearly if I
    looked through them dead center - if my eyes shifted slightly, it would
    become blurry. After wearing that for weeks, I started getting a
    strain all over my neck and shoulders. I went back and the lab tried
    again, and then we tried different frames, different tilts, and all the
    adjustments known to man (or so it seemed). The different lens would
    clear up the blurriness a bit, but having to turn my head EVERYWHERE to
    see things clearly (unlike my old pair) was just putting so much
    strain on my upper body. This went on for about a year or more.

    I finally gave up, and went to another doctor (from the previous
    optometrist's recommendations!), an opthamologist instead. However,
    even after knowing about my horrible past year's experience, the new
    doctors remeasured everything, and then had the new optometrist
    carefully adjust my 7th pair of eyeglasses. Guess what? Everything is
    much clearer, but I still have a strain all around my shoulders
    especially if I look down to walk, read, or work on the computer. If I
    take off the eyeglasses, my upper body immediately relaxes, literally
    as if the strain had been lifted! It's the strangest thing. I had
    gone back to have the new doctors readjust again, add a bit of a tilt,
    and anything else I could think of. But nothing has help. I'm now
    wearing my eyeglases, and just taking them off when the strain is too
    much. But after a few weeks, I will notice my whole upper body has
    tensed up so much that I have to just switch to contacts to give them
    some relief.

    My questions:
    1. Do the high-index lenses change the vision around the non-centered
    area? Would a lens with a higher index number be less clear in the
    areas surrounding the center than lens with a lower index number?
    We've tried to investigate this, and the only thing I can remember is
    how the index numbers have changed.

    2. Has anyone ever had an extreme pantoscopic tilt? I ask this
    because with my current pair, the only way to relieve my strain
    (besides taking them off) is to tilt them to almost a 45 degree angle
    (from the temples). This is so extreme that the doctor won't do it for
    me, for fear of breaking the frame also. But time and time again, I
    tilt it so that the temples sits about 1 inch above my ears, and the
    lenses are tilted to about that angle, and my entire body relaxes
    immediately. I can look downward and not feel strain, and I can look
    straight ahead, especially during driving, and not have to make any

    Please help! I'm so desperate to find some relief and get back to a
    normal life again. I can not wear my contact lens to read (so I don't
    wear them often); I can't have lasik surgery because my cornea is too
    thin. I've tried everything, and they all point back to wearing
    eyeglasses. But if my eyeglasses are not working for me, I don't know
    what else to do. I want to just throw my eyeglasses on the floor and
    crush them (which I'll do if I ever figure this out and get a real

    Thanks for any help!

    My nearsightedness is something like:
    R: -9.25 +150 095
    L: -10.00 +175 080
    Vudoo, Apr 29, 2005
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  2. Vudoo

    wstacy Guest

    yes and yes
    Not that extreme.

    It would be helpful to know your age; also the lens material(s), lens
    type/brand, and the exact Rxs from both the old comfy pair and the newer
    attempts; I know this might be a challenge, but if you want help here,
    do it.

    w.stacy, o.d.
    wstacy, Apr 29, 2005
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  3. Vudoo

    Vudoo Guest

    Thanks for help so far!

    I'm 30 yrs old now. I had recently spoken to the optician, and she
    said she would discuss this further with the doctor since she thinks it
    could be that I need progressive lens at this age. At this point, if
    that is the case, I'll gladly get progressive lens.

    With the old comfy pair, it was 1.67 high index, but it was back in
    1999 or 2000, so the lab didn't keep the brand, make of those lens.
    The prescriptions for the old comfy pair, as measured from the machine
    they used:

    R: -10.25 +2.00 x73
    L: -9.50 +1.75 x106
    PD @ OC: 74.5 (R 34.5, L 40.0)

    The set of lenses (set #2, let's call it that) we've tried that didn't
    work were 1.70 high index, during 2001-2002:

    R: -10.25 +1.75 x76
    L: -9.50 +1.50 x109
    PD @ OC: 82.5 (R 36.5, L 46.0)

    And again (as listed previously) the final pair that's giving me great
    vision, but still some strain, is 1.67 high index, prescribed end of
    2004, early 2005:
    R: 9.25 +150 x095
    L: 10.00 +175 x080

    If the make/brand of the last two set is really important, I'll contact
    the labs to get them. I just can not get the very first pair because
    they no longer kept my records (I had moved to a different state).

    I really don't know what all the numbers mean, and I don't know how to
    convert them to see if they've changed and how dramatically. But I'm
    thinking of having the doctor/optician go back to a lower high-index
    such as 1.6. And I'd like to request for another special examination
    to remeasure base curves and anything and everything about my eyes that
    could affect the way eyeglasses are made. What do you think? The
    request is based on the information I've read so far from this forum.

    Also, when I wear contact lenses, I'm able to see just fine. I don't
    have weird vision and blurriness when looking down etc (although things
    are not as sharp and clean as with glasses).

    My contact lens prescription, as prescribed in 2003:
    R: -7.00 -1.25 x010
    L: -7.50 - 1.25 x170

    Thank you to everyone who can shed some light on this. Please, God, I
    hope I can get an answer to help me resolve this once and for all.

    Vudoo, Apr 30, 2005
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