suggestions needed for frames and lenses

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by dacconverter, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. dacconverter

    dacconverter Guest

    Price is no object. I do not want contacts or lasik.

    I would like a frame/lenses combo suggestion that meets ( or at least
    comes close to ) the following:

    - must be retentive on my head AND rarely, if ever, come downwards
    where I would then have to lift the frame back up

    - no straps

    - I was never comfortable with nose rests. If available, I prefer
    frames without any nose rests.

    - lenses must be highly resistant to smudge, debris, and fingerprints
    and be very easy to clean

    Also, I live in NYC. If you have a suggestion on what type of glasses
    I should get, I would also appreciate it if you can tell me the name
    of a source where I can purchase them and the estimated price range.

    Even though I've wore glasses for more than 10 yrs, I am absolutely
    stumped on how to go about this because my parents always chose and
    purchased them for me. Thank you in anticipation.
    dacconverter, Nov 14, 2007
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  2. dacconverter

    Guest Guest

    With the above requirements, rethink the "no contacts/lasik" thing.

    Didn't you post "price is no object"?

    Since you live in NYC, there will be a zillion options out there for
    you. Hit the bricks, you've got some shopping to do.
    Guest, Nov 14, 2007
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  3. dacconverter

    Kabopv Guest

    For your frame selection, your best bet is go with the titanium
    For those Ti frames with the nose pads, they should sit on your nose
    bridge better, but they won't be as comfortable.
    For those Ti frames without the nose pads, they are a lot more
    comfortable, but they might slide down your nose easier, especially
    when you sweat. In addition, those are a lot harder to find, also
    means they might be relatively more expensive than the one with the
    nose pads.
    There is one more option which is the rimless (drill mount) Titanium
    frame. They are definitely the lightest (comfort), but requires good
    workmanship, and your prescription cannot be too high. (Limitation
    involved, I would say no more than -3.00 total power)
    However, those are not always the cases. My recommendation for your
    frame is to try as many on as possible (Ti frame Only), you will find
    the right pair frame. It takes time, and efforts, also you need to
    add the lens weight into consideration as well. The final product is
    always heavier than the frame you choose, no matter how light they

    For the lenses options, I m not sure which type of lenses are you
    wearing (single, Bi, Tri, or Progressive). But if you want to have the
    thinnest and lightest, you should go with the high index lenses
    material. The clarity of the lenses are also pretty high. (Glass is
    always the 1st, but heavy, and will shatter, then Plastic, but

    If you are experiencing smudges on your lenses, then don't get any
    Anti-Glare coatings, even the best and the newest(teflon based) will
    smudge. So the best bet is not to get the AR or AG coatings, in
    contrary, i will recommend the new scratch coat which coat the front
    and back side of the lenses, giving you dual protection.

    I hope my experience and suggestion help you in selecting your next
    pair frame and lenses. Please feel free to contact me if you have any
    other questions.

    Kabopv, Nov 15, 2007
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