Surgical Reversal of Presbyopia: Clinical Experiences

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by acemanvx, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Questions: How is accomodative amplitude measured? H.R measured 20/25
    to 20/40(variable) at 30cm. Youd need 3.25 diopter accomodation to see
    20/20 at 30cm. Yet hes NOT seeing this well. They said he gained 4
    diopters of accomodation but it sounds like he has closer to 2 diopter
    accomodation and experiences slight blur at 30cm. Maybe I am to assume
    you cant use all your accomodative amplitude, some is "reserved"

    I dont yet know if I have presbyopia(at age 24!) or just a large amount
    of accomodative excess. My near vision monocularly(one eye) starts to
    blur at 40cm with -5 distance correction. Binocularly(both eyes) I can
    zoom down to 25cm with -5 distance correction. With less minus, my
    distance vision decreases, my near vision increases. Uncorrected, the
    worse eye sees optimally at 21cm near point(-4.75) So if a 24 year old
    is supposed to have what? 8 diopter accomodative amplitude using
    binocularly. I have demostrated about 4 to 4.5 diopters binocularly. I
    am therefore "missing" another ~4 diopters. If its "locked" up in tonic
    accomodation, then my cycloplegic refraction would be very, very close
    to plano and just slightly myopic. If my cycloplegic isnt too much
    lower than my manifast, presbyopia is the logical explanation.
    acemanvx, Jul 22, 2006
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