The Cure Of Imperfect Sight By Treatment Without Glasses - Preface -

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Zetsu, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Zetsu

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    This book aims to be a collection of facts and not of theories and
    insofar as it is, I do not fear successful contradiction. Where
    explanations have been offered it has been done with considerable
    trepidation, because I have never been able to formulate a theory that
    would withstand the test of facts either in my possession at the time,
    or accumulated later. The same is true of the theories of every other
    man, for a theory is only a guess, and you cannot guess or imagine the
    truth. No one has ever satisfactorily answered the question, "Why?" as
    most scientific men are well aware, and I did not feel that I could do
    better than others who had tried and failed. One cannot even draw
    conclusions safely from facts, because a conclusion is very much like
    a theory, and may be disproved or modified by facts accumulated later.
    In the science of ophthalmology, theories, often stated as facts,
    have served to obscure the truth and throttle investigation for more
    than a hundred years. The explanations of the phenomena of sight put
    forward by Young, von Graefe, Helmholtz and Donders have caused us to
    ignore or explain away a multitude of facts which otherwise would have
    led to the discovery of the truth about errors of refraction and the
    consequent prevention of an incalculable amount of human misery.

    In presenting my experimental work to the public, I desire to
    acknowledge my indebtness to Mrs. E. C. Lierman, whose co-operation
    during four years of arduous labor and prolonged failure made it
    possible to carry the work to a successful issue. I would be glad,
    further, to acknowledge my debt to others who aided me with
    suggestions, or more direct assistance, but am unable to do so, as
    they have requested me not to mention their names in this connection.

    As there has been considerable demand for the book from the laity, an
    effort has been made to present the subject in such a way as to be
    intelligible to persons unfamiliar with ophthalmology.

    Zetsu, Jun 15, 2009
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  2. Zetsu

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Zetsu has long ago reached the level where he/she/it is nothing
    more than the online equivalent of one of those psychotic homeless
    people who stands on the corner, SHOUTING Bible passages, to ...

    What a pathetic little creature.

    Almost SURELY the illegitimate love child of Otis Brown (and ... who
    else?? Desperate people DO do desperate things....).
    Neil Brooks, Jun 15, 2009
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