The Grevious Situation Of:

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by Remus Lupin, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Remus Lupin

    Remus Lupin Guest

    Greetings, dear reader!

    If this happens to be your very first time visiting here, then prepare
    for something quite extraordinary, something amazing, something
    marvellous, something so horrific yet incredible it will make your
    very eyeball fall out of its eyesocket!

    You are now in, an immense scale war field where you
    may view, as well as participate in, the Greatest Flame War Ever Seen
    By Man which has now commenced! Stand to fight! Prepare your
    battalions! Train your forces! For the Most Intense War has begun!

    The situation, is of course grave. Behold! Spammers invade in their
    hordes, while the partipants are driven into the Highest Form of
    insanity. In the backfire, we may view the very creed of man firing
    head to head in opposition to the other, fighting for their dear lives
    in the intensely heated argument of genes and myopia. It has been
    rumoured that "Andrew Judd" has been using his name merely as a decoy,
    while in reality he is known as 'Micheal Jackson". Amazing! Fabulous!
    Whizzo! You've been hit by-a -- smoo-ooth--criminal!

    The spammers themselves, are of course something of a speciality.
    Firstly came 'visioncareindia', yet this was not enough to quench the
    needs of our community, who beg for more. Next came the MI5 guy --
    Wolla! Bham! It is quite possible that this latest addition is more
    poweful yet, than its predecessor! Superb.

    And in the backdrop, where the reader may take great pleasure at the
    new level of entertainment: Andrew Judd vs Mike Tyner! Wow, this is
    simply a fantastic and mammoth scale debate. And on it goes! On and
    on! We now reach a fabulous New World Record of 222 posts. Simply

    Stay tuned; for the further adventures of: SMV BroadCast!

    Good bye!
    Remus Lupin, Aug 21, 2007
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