The Memory Cure - Better Eyesight, November 1919, Editor: W. H.Bates, M.D.

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    When the sight is perfect, the memory is also perfect, because the
    mind is perfectly relaxed. Therefore the sight may be improved by any
    method that improves the memory. The easiest thing to remember is a
    small black spot of no particular size and form; but when the sight is
    imperfect it will be found impossible to remember it with the eyes
    open and looking at letters, or other objects with definite outlines.
    It may, however, be remembered for a few seconds or longer, when the
    eyes are closed and covered, or when looking at a blank surface where
    there is nothing particular to see. By cultivating the memory under
    these favorable conditions, it gradually becomes possible to retain it
    under unfavorable ones, that is, when the eyes are open and the mind
    conscious of the impressions of sight. By alternately remembering the
    period with the eyes closed and covered and then looking at the
    Snellen test card, or other letters or objects; or by remembering it
    when looking away from the card where there is nothing particular to
    see, and then looking back; the patient becomes able, in a longer or
    shorter time, to retain the memory when looking at the card, and thus
    becomes able to read the letters with normal vision. Many children
    have been cured very quickly by this method. Adults who have worn
    glasses have greater difficulty. Even under favorable conditions, the
    period cannot be remembered for more than a few seconds, unless one
    shifts from one part of it to another. One can also shift from one
    period, or other small black object, to another.

    Zetsu, May 11, 2009
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  2. Zetsu

    serebel Guest

    Still stupid, eh ?
    serebel, May 12, 2009
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