The Psychotic Neil Brooks.

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by otisbrown, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. otisbrown

    otisbrown Guest

    This Neil Books is truly scarry!

    Yes he can "rule the roost" and PROTECT

    See you on other forums,

    otisbrown, Oct 6, 2005
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  2. otisbrown

    otisbrown Guest


    Neil Brooks is not contacting my relatives.

    I fear for their safety. If he has a
    gun -- he is dangerous.

    If you want Neil as "Riech Protector"
    of the group -- then
    you can have him.

    I fear for my families safety.

    otisbrown, Oct 7, 2005
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  3. otisbrown

    Neil Brooks Guest

    You do? Wow. You've REALLY lost it!

    Otis: you've taken all of this to a new level. I've already told you
    that it's my belief that YOU hurt people, and that--if and where
    appropriate--I would invoke any relevant authorities to prevent you
    from hurting people further.

    I have never threatened you, nor any member of your family (these are
    people that YOU have made public throughout the last few years, not

    Feel free to present anything that I have EVER said or written to any
    authorities that you care to. I've done nothing illegal and WILL DO
    nothing illegal. Rather, I WILL turn the law against you, if

    (Quick: this one's a judgment call....)

    ps: your spellchecker still needs a good talking to

    pps: I thought you were leaving??
    Neil Brooks, Oct 7, 2005
  4. otisbrown

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    A few observations.

    Neil has never contacted me via email. Otis did.

    Neil has never taken my statements out of context. Otis has.

    I have never known Neil to play loose with the facts on SMV. Otis has.

    Neil has never blamed eye care professionals for his severe refractive
    problems. Otis has.

    Neil has never blamed his inability to achieve any goal in life on his
    vision. Otis has.

    Feel free to finish this, anybody.

    Dr. Leukoma, Oct 7, 2005
  5. otisbrown

    Dan Abel Guest

    Why do you fear for their safety if he has no contact with them?

    I'm sorry about that. I don't see that Neil has any dangerous intent,
    but still, you should take steps if you have these fears. The first
    would be to stop all posting to this group. If you stop posting, he
    will no longer have any interest in you.
    Dan Abel, Oct 7, 2005
  6. otisbrown

    RM Guest

    go away Otis. your family is not safe.
    RM, Oct 7, 2005
  7. otisbrown

    p.clarkii Guest

    i too fear for your family. you should break off all contact in this
    newsgroup and try not to provoke that madman Neil. good luck.
    p.clarkii, Oct 7, 2005
  8. otisbrown

    otisbrown Guest

    From: Otis

    Subject: Neil Brooks' Bizzare Behavior.

    Keith> If you are concerned for my uncle's health then I thank you
    for your concern.

    Brooks> Sorry, but -- in the last half-hour your uncle has posted
    that I have "threatened [his] family' and that he fears for
    his safety.

    [Comment: Neil sent a letter my wife -- who stated that she was
    "concerned" and afraid of this man. I am also -- enough to
    avoid him at all cost. His actions have been bizzare -- at
    best. My wife expressed fear about this anonymous letter.
    I agree with her. Further, Neil was not "man enough" to
    even sign the letter. And lastly, if Neil has a problem
    with my understanding that the natural eye is a
    sophisticated system -- he should not hide behind an
    "anynomous" letter to my wife. He is truly deranged. OSB]

    Neil> I have NEVER threatened your uncle, nor ANY member of your
    family (nor anybody else, in my 40 years) with ANY harm.

    Otis> [My wife was truy afraid of this anynomous letter that you
    sent. Her fear deeply affect me. OSB]

    Neil> I HAVE told your uncle that I have heard from people,
    directly, who feel they were harmed by following his
    advice, and that -- if and as appropriate, I would provide
    any and all of that information to any and all relevant
    authorities. They could then prosecute if, and as, they
    saw fit.

    [Prevention with the plus is the second-opinion. Is Neil going to
    sue all ODs who would offer the a DISCUSSION of the
    second-opinion to the parents of a child then that
    is profoundly tragic. Does Neil Brooks
    claim to be such a total expert that he could do this --
    and enforce it. OSB]

    Neil> It is my belief that he is -- knowingly or not -- practicing
    medicine without a license, and putting at risk the most
    vulnerable: desperate parents searching for solutions for
    their children.

    [That is Neil's belief -- not supported by any objective facts as they
    concern the behavior of the natural eye under direct test.
    That there is a difference of opinion concerning this
    proven behavior of the natural eye that is reasonable.
    Threatining to "sue" people because of a difference
    of judgment about the dynamic nature of the natural
    eye is NOT how you resovle scientific arguments.
    That Neil wants to DICTATE the majority opinion is profoundly
    tragic -- for all those who have an intellectual "open
    mind" about these issues. OSB]

    Brooks> Otis is the one who has -- time and again -- invoked you
    and your sister as "proof" in his posts. He's the one who
    put your e-mail addresses on publicly available websites.

    Otis> I "restricted" Keith's email address to ONLY friends who
    were discussing prevention-with-plus. His email was not on
    the "net". Your obviousy obtained it from "friends" who
    have been discussing true-prevention PRIVATELY.

    Brooks> As for me, no living soul has anything to fear from me ...
    other than LEGAL action, if indicated.

    Otis> You should have seen the fear in my wife's eyes when she got
    your anynomous letter.

    Neil> (Hear that, Otis?)

    Otis> That letter convinced me that you are are insane and will STOP
    AT NOTHING to envorce your distorted beliefs.
    I have not met one MEDICAL DOCTOR who shares your
    belief that a minus lens has NO EFFECT on the refractive
    state of the natural primate eye.

    Neil> You seem like a decent guy, Keith. I genuinely DID want to
    find out if your uncle was losing his mind. If he was,
    then I was resigned to cease communicating with him. If he
    wasn't, then it was my intention to provide relevant
    information to legal authorities for them to pursue.

    Otis> Keith has scientific information available to him from
    Raphaelson, Colgate, Young, T. Grosvenor, R. Berger and
    many others concerning the preventive second-opinion. He
    valued his distant vision and choose to invoke the method
    of the plus. I was concerned that he use the plus
    effectively enought to always keep his distant vision as
    the plus -- and better. At last check he read better-than
    20/20. And Neil works to supress this honest
    second-opinion? And threatens people with anynomous
    letters when they do not agree with NEIL's opinion on
    the subject of the natural eye's proven behavior?

    Neil> In the end, though, I'm not sure you're correct in your
    assumptions about his status. I'm just not sure.

    Otis> Sending anynomus letters to a man's wife is an indication of
    insanity or a deranged mind. Face that fact Neil.

    Otis> The ODs have no choice to do what they do. In their
    "position" I would have NO CHOICE but to do what they do.
    I can not critize them for that reason. I consistently
    used the term "refractive state" to ensure that the
    point is understood.

    Otis> I have been very restrained in my dissucsion in that area.
    With these ODs I have an "intellectual" argument -- no more
    than that. But Neil wants to DICTATE and control -- and that
    is truly a real problem and can stifle work to achieve
    effective prevention for those who desire it.
    otisbrown, Oct 21, 2005
  9. otisbrown

    p.clarkii Guest

    it is also my belief that you are practicing medicine without a
    license. i would testify as such in a court of law. i would do
    whatever was asked of me to provide evidence, expert testimony, etc.
    that you are potentially harming people.

    if you want to shoot yourself in the foot, please continue your

    get out of this newsgroup troll. the words "science" and "medicine"
    are in the name of this newsgroup and your suggestions have nothing to
    do with either one.
    p.clarkii, Oct 22, 2005
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