The Truth about Christ-mas

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    (which is actually condemned by Christ)


    Xmas has absolutely nothing to do with God. It was originally called
    Yuletide, which is a pagan festival from the Babylonian Mystery
    religion of SUN worship. The Babylonians were merchants (they were
    originators of the "Market-system" which is condemned by God) and
    used Yuletide to sell their merchandise because, like today, it made
    them lots of money. Then in the first century A.D. Simon (the
    Sorcerer) Pater (NOT Peter) stole the name christian, mixed it with
    the Babylonian Mystery religion and formed a new religion called
    christianity, that teaches the opposite of what Christ taught, and
    SUNdays as its sabbath days, due to its SUN-god worshipping origins
    (Galatians 1:6-9; 2:4). Simon Pater NOT Simon Peter (Cephas) started
    the fake religion called "christianity" (Acts 8:9-25). Christ's TRUE
    followers or disciples called themselves "Followers of The Way" or
    "Those True to The Covenant" (Nazrim ha-Brit), NOT christians.
    SUNday is the FIRST day of the week, NOT the Sabbath which is the
    SEVENTH day; on which God rested. This "so-called" christianity
    perverted the teachings of Christ and incorporated their pagan
    rituals, in their temples, which have as their focal point a "Tower
    Babel" (from which the word Babylon is derived) in which were
    bells. This is directly opposed to the true teaching of Christ who
    says that YOU must NOT go to church (Matthew 6:5-6 where synagogue
    means all churches). They also hijacked the virgin-birth and moved it
    from April to December 25th to coincide with their own Yuletide
    festival, which Christ says he HATES, in the Holy Bible, in
    Revelation 2:6, 15, where the Nicolaitanes, whose doctrine Christ
    hates, are the followers of Santa (Ni)-Claus, who celebrate Yuletide
    (and Easter [Ishtar] a god of fertility - eggs are the symbol of
    fertility not crucifixion).

    Verse 6: But this thou hast (in thy favour), that thou hatest the
    deeds of the Nicolaitanes which I (Christ) ALSO HATE.
    Verse 15: So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the
    Nicolaitanes (the followers of St.Nicholas - Santa Claus), which
    I (Christ) HATE.

    The Nicolaitans celebrate Yule-tide (Christmas now) and Santa Claus
    (st. Nicholas) and decorate trees with silver, which thing Christ
    HATES, because it is Satanic and NOT from God or Christ, as he makes
    perfectly clear in the verses above.

    SANTA CLAUS WEARS SCARLET which Christ has told us is SATAN'S COLOUR
    (see Revelations chapter 12 verses 3+9 - the great RED dragon -

    SANTA CLAUS is an anagram for SATAN.
    There is nothing Godly about Christmas and Christ HATES it; so how
    christians celebrate it? Who taught them to do so? Certainly NOT
    Christ or his apostles.

    A true Christian would be one who follows Christ's Way, does what He
    did, loves what He loved and hates what he hates - he would not
    imagine or theorize on what Christ would like or not like.

    The "Virgin-birth" was in Spring at the time of birth and The
    Passover, when "lambs" were being born. It was NOT in December, the
    seasonal time of death.

    The virgin-birth was actually in April, with new-born lambs in the
    fields, just like the Second Coming.

    The fact that the three kings came to pay homage, and brought gifts
    great wealth, was used by Satan to give, to those who perverted the
    teaching, the idea to continue and even increase the sales of their
    merchandise (a great marketing-exercise for them). So the virgin-
    was hijacked and corrupted into a time to make lots of money, using
    the ultimate in "high-pressure sales techniques", which was to
    use God's Son's name, in order to embarass people, who couldn't
    to buy gifts, to go into debt or steal in order to buy their
    merchandise. By doing this the rich merchants ruin the lives of the
    poor, driving them further into debt and poverty or crime, whilst
    making themselves richer and richer. It is WRONG and EVIL from every
    angle. The original gifts were from rich kings to the "supposedly"
    poor - from the rich to the Son of God. There is absolutely NO
    Biblical precedent or teaching that supports giving gifts to human
    children. The merchants have turned it all backwards and made it the
    opposite, where the poor give money to the rich. They have done this
    because it and they are Satanically inspired. Satan is a Hebrew word
    that means "the Opposer" - someone who does and says the OPPOSITE of
    what God says, telling and teaching others to do the opposite too, by
    words, persuasion and example.

    Giving presents to human children, instead of them giving their
    "selves" as presents to God, feeds their egoes (the "self") and makes
    them more arrogant and selfish because people are paying homage to
    them, bringing them gifts. This arrogance then causes them to oppress
    adults (Isaiah 3:12).

    Instead of which they should be paying homage to God, and being
    thankful for Him having sent His Son to show them The Way, using
    money in God's cause (for good). Children like adults have to lose
    their egoes and become unselfish (by daily crucifixion - "self"-
    sacrifice); humble; polite and helpful, or they will continue the
    ruining of the world and cause themselves to be executed on the Last

    So, by giving gifts and celebrating a pagan festival, parents are, IN
    REALITY, doing harm to their own children and themselves, whilst
    making themselves poorer, and the rich richer and bringing about the
    ultimate execution of their children's souls (Beings) and their own,
    on the now imminent Last Day.

    Children should get only what they need, when they need it and NOT
    expensive useless rubbish that breaks and/or is quickly discarded.
    They need you to spend the time, that you spent working to buy
    presents, with them, teaching them love and how to behave properly,
    instead of feeding their egoes. Less time at work, for you, and more
    time with your children so that you are not strangers to each other.

    Christ came to bring True Justice for everyone, to put an end to
    poverty and make life loving and better EVERY day not one miserable
    day a year.

    The decking of fir trees with silver and gold and placing presents
    (offerings) under them is also a pagan ritual condemned by God in the
    Bible in Jeremiah 10:2-4. Nimrod/Osiris/Horus is often pictured with
    wings, holding reindeer and a fir tree.

    Also, if you take the word CONIFER, which is the name given to the
    family of trees to which the Christmas (Fir) tree belongs, and split
    the word in two, you get:

    CON - Satan is known as the biggest con-artist ever. He invented it.
    IFER - The last half of Lucifer's name.


    by Mr. Normal
    (Xmas Eve, 2000)

    Is it plausible that Santa is really Satan?"

    Think about it, folks! It's not just that "Santa" is an obvious
    anagram of Satan; that Santa wears a demonic red suit symbolic of the
    fires of Hell; and that his huge hat must conceal horns. The
    is that Santa represents xmas, that time of year when christian greed
    and phony sincerity reach their unctuous peak. It's the season when
    braindead followers of the ultimate cult are whipped into frenzies
    that leave them figuratively drained -- broke and exhausted.

    Understandably, it's also the time of the year when depression and
    suicides max out as the futility of achieving happiness sinks in at
    least subliminally. A December, 2000 Gallup poll shows that 85% of
    think that xmas is too commercial, but Santa/Satan wouldn't have it
    any other way! Our most respected institutions are in on the plot
    too. Even the law of the land (U.S.A.) forbids a baby Jesus in the
    town square, but who's there instead? You
    guessed it! Santa! - Satan.

    Lucifer/Satan once was one of God's angels. Satan's attempted
    heavenly coup failed (Isa. 14:12-15), but he was given his very own
    place to rule and called it Hell/Earth (Rev. 12:9) Satan also got
    free reign to tempt as many people as he wanted (even Christ
    and lots of fabulous stuff to tempt them with (like eternal youth and
    Mercedes Benzes). However, Satan still was not satisfied. He worked
    hard to make xmas the most important retail event of the year. A
    recent survey showed that 60% of holiday spending occurs at xmas, and
    another 20% at Satan's recognized holiday of Halloween. Think about
    it, folks! Satan has locked up 80% of our holiday dollars! Who else
    could be the "red dragon" of Revelation 12:3, ?. More important is
    that asking Santa for something really is an unwitting pact with the
    Devil, and parents are dooming their children's souls to Hell-Fire!
    (Coming to your neighbourhood; soon - JAH.)

    "Santa Satan's" devilish temptations have achieved what John Lennon
    could only try to claim for the Beatles -- greater popularity than
    Jesus! Indeed, "Santa Satan" truly is the reason for the season!


    Christ, the Spirit-Being that was placed in-side the body (IN-
    not begotten as it has been misinterpreted) called Jesus, was not
    2000 years ago or even 2,000 millennia ago. He is, as he said, older
    than this planet and zillions of years old, being the first created
    God (His oldest Son - Prince Michael - Dan. 10:21). It was only the
    human animal organic computer (body), that was used by the Son of
    that was born 2000 years ago. You are not supposed to worship or make
    graven images of a human organic computer, similar to the one that
    are locked inside of, or even the spirit (Christ) that was within the
    body called Jesus, you are supposed to worship his Perfect Father the
    Supreme-Being, as Christ himself told you to do. God is not a human,
    He is a "Being of Light" (soul). Therefore His Son (Christ) is not a
    human either but was the soul (Being) that was inside the human body
    from the virgin-birth. God is Spirit (energy/Light) and you must
    worship Him in spirit (with your spirit - soul) in TRUTH and love
    as He loves you. JAH.
    Rob, Oct 29, 2007
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    Somebody needs a hobby....
    Neil Brooks, Oct 29, 2007
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    Problem is, this is it...
    Dave Bell, Oct 30, 2007
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