Thinking of switching from 8.5 to 9.0 in the 1-Day Acuvue contact lenses...

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Tomlev, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. Tomlev

    Tomlev Guest

    I previously tried wearing the Focus N&D lenses and the 8.6mm base
    curve didn't fit at all, as a matter of fact, the lens slid all
    over... then i was given the 8.4mm BC and the movement was well (about
    0.3mm), but i just couldn't get used to the rough edges of this lens.
    So i asked my optometrist for something else... i was given the Acuvue
    1 day BC 8.5mm and it is comfortable, but the lens just doesn't move
    in my eyes at all and it's quite frightening, although there aren't
    any effects besides that one- no blur and no redness. In addition, i
    feel the lens rubbing against my eye lids when blinking and it's like
    the soft edges put some pressure on the cornea. I think of asking my
    optometrist for the 9.0 base curve which might fit better, but on the
    other hand it seems impossible that the lens wouldn't move a lot in
    the eye. Should i ask him that? or am i doomed to failing in trying to
    be succeed in wearing the flatter BC ? IF there are any other options
    , please post.
    Tomlev, Nov 27, 2003
  2. Tomlev

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    (Tomlev) wrote in
    Please forgive me, but if the 8.6 Focus N&D "slid all over," and you still
    felt the edges of the 8.4, and now feel the edges on the 8.5 One Day
    Acuvue, going flatter to a 9.0 - which is really, really flat, doesn't
    exactly make sense. Have you by any chance tried the Proclear Compatible
    in the 8.2 base curve?

    No matter, you should describe the symptoms to the optom and let him/her
    use their professional judgement based upon all the information - most of
    which I don't have.

    Dr. Leukoma, Nov 27, 2003
  3. Tomlev

    Tomlev Guest

    I felt the edges of the Acuvue because it had some pressure on the
    cornea... without any relation to the case when the lens is flat and
    then the edges can be felt. in general , the just DOESN'T MOVE IN THE
    EYE... of course it means that a flatter curve is needed... btw, i
    tried the Proclear in the past in 8.6mm BC, it had enough movement
    but it just didn't feel right in my eye (the material) and after 8
    hours i was aware of the lens. also, the edges of the lens are very
    thick! moving to 8.2 BC seems unrealistic.

    any other suggestions please?

    | TOM |
    Tomlev, Nov 27, 2003
  4. Tomlev

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    (Tomlev) wrote in
    What makes you think it doesn't move at all? It would take a pretty good
    eye to tell if a lens is moving one or two tenths of a millimeter. Are you
    saying it is difficult to dislodge with your finger?

    On the contrary, I find the edges of the Proclear thinner than that of the
    Acuvue...different designs.

    Dr. Leukoma, Nov 27, 2003
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