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Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Zetsu, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Zetsu

    Zetsu Guest


    I was laughing aloud for 10 whole minutes straight, after reading
    this. I guess it is meant to be an impression of me, heheh. Very good,
    very good.

    But seriously though, I am not trying to cash in or anything.

    Ms.Brainy you joker!
    Zetsu, Sep 16, 2007
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  2. Don't worry zetsu. You'll get the commission as promised as soon as
    the first deposit to my Nigerian account is made.

    Yours Truly,

    Shiri Gianovi Taggi
    Shiri G. Taggi, Sep 16, 2007
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  3. Zetsu

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Sorry. Rishi Giovanni Gatti (Zetsu) and Otis Brown are
    long-time trolls who haunt s.m.v.

    Lena102938 aspires to troll status based primarily upon her
    constant use of anti-eye doctor rhetoric as a
    substitute for any actual information.

    You'd do well to ignore them and wait for
    responses from the caring, compassionate eye doctors who
    DO also participate in this site.

    Although, in this case, I would advise that YOU DO continue to
    communicate with these trolls.
    Neil Brooks, Sep 17, 2007
  4. Zetsu

    Zetsu Guest

    Oops I meant to say 'AFK'.
    Zetsu, Sep 17, 2007
  5. Zetsu

    Zetsu Guest


    I do not take peoples money.
    I not even allowed to!
    Zetsu, Sep 17, 2007
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