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Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by lavenlight, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. lavenlight

    lavenlight Guest

    I've written on here a couple of times before, and I've always
    appreciated the response, so I figured I'd give this group a try again.

    Basically, my glasses broke the other day. While they're being fixed,
    I've thought about contacts a little more. My only concern is the
    doctors appt/adjustment involved.

    I've always been less than a fan of eye doc appts. I had eye surgery
    when I was a child (I'm 21 now), and so eye doctors visits were always
    kind of scary to me. I always had trouble letting them put drops in and
    stuff. Even now, I still don't like going. I saw my parents'
    opthamologist once or twice, and both times he was nasty to me, called
    me a "baby", and actually grabbed my eyelids and forced them open when
    trying to put drops in. (They were burning from the first set he put in
    and I was trying to "blink it off" I guess.) He also gave me a glaucoma
    test I guess (it involved drops and pressing a paper or something into
    my eye and a lamp really close?) Whatever it was, it hurt really bad.
    And when I get them dialated...it always lasts all day. Needless to
    say, I didn't go back to my parents' opthamologist, and I saw an
    optometrist for my last visit. He was really nice and understood my

    So back to the relevant stuff. What's usually involved in a contacts
    visit? I think if I were allowed to put them in, I would feel more
    control, and I would handle it better. Is there anything I can do to
    prepare myself for the idea of sticking something in my eye? I've read
    that some people "practice" by washing their hands really well and,
    well, poking the white part (I used to know the name from bio, oh well)
    a little. Is there really anything else I can do to get myself ready?
    I was thinking of stopping by the optometrist place and chatting with
    them for any ideas they might have, too.
    lavenlight, Feb 6, 2006
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  2. lavenlight

    The Real Bev Guest


    <tale of woe and intrigue with an ophthalmologist who desperately
    needs a good slapping snipped>
    Some people worry more than others about the supposed difficulty of inserting
    and removing contacts. I looked at it the same way I looked at having a baby
    -- hey, most people survive it and most of them do it more than once so it
    can't be anywhere near as bad as it might seem to be on the surface!

    I don't think it's sensible to try touching your eye even with clean hands.
    Your fingers aren't anywhere near as smooth as wet contacts and there's a
    chance that you'll do something that you might wish you hadn't done.

    The optometrists deal with new contact-wearers all day and know how to teach
    people to deal with their lenses. Personally, the most important part (after
    cleanliness, of course) is keeping both your upper and lower eyelids from
    blinking while you insert/remove the lenses -- not a difficult thing to do,

    Chatting with the doc beforehand wouldn't hurt. Even people with severe
    phobias about touching their eyes learn to use contacts, although some don't
    including one ophthalmologist in my mom's group :-(

    Find a sympathetic optometrist, explain your fears, and take it from there.

    Sign on restroom hand-dryer:
    "Push button for a message from your congressman."
    The Real Bev, Feb 6, 2006
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  3. lavenlight

    Dan Abel Guest

    After our first was born, my wife swore that that was it, no more!
    Being smart, I didn't say a thing. Not one thing. We did have more,
    when my wife was good and ready.

    When removing contacts, I have considerable contact between fingers and
    eye. I'm not sure that your idea is so bad. I don't know that it will
    help, either, but it sounds worth a try.

    My OD didn't do a thing for me. His assistant did it all.
    Sounds good to me.

    Some people have problems, and some don't.
    Dan Abel, Feb 6, 2006
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