Tired eyes after extended use of Focus Night and Day Contact Lenses

Discussion in 'Contact Lenses' started by Andrew Chew, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Andrew Chew

    Andrew Chew Guest

    I tried using the Focus N & Ds for 2 days continuous wear and my eyes got
    extremely tired after that. My eyes did not get noticeably redder but just
    got extremely tired and uncomfortable. I had to remove the lenses. My eyes
    have since recovered after a night's rest. What could be the cause of the
    fatigue as I don't experience this when wearing glasses?
    Andrew Chew, Apr 2, 2005
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  2. Andrew Chew

    The Real Bev Guest

    Just a layman's (I work evenings and weekends!) guess: perhaps the
    prescription isn't correct yet?

    "The object in life is not to be on the side of the
    majority, but to be insane in such a useful way that
    they can't commit you." -- Mark Edwards
    The Real Bev, Apr 2, 2005
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  3. Andrew Chew

    Andrew Chew Guest

    The optometrist who attended to me checked the fit when I put on the lenses
    and she said it was very good. I guess it could be one of the other reasons
    you listed then.
    Andrew Chew, Apr 2, 2005
  4. Andrew Chew

    Andrew Chew Guest

    I am very sure the prescription is right on when I'm wearing glasses. The
    optometrist checked it with the red/green backgrounds. I have heard if one's
    prescription exceeds -4, a formula is applied to adjust for the curvature of
    the lens or something, so people end up using contacts of a lower
    prescription. However my prescription is -2.25 and -3.00 so that doesn't
    Andrew Chew, Apr 2, 2005
  5. Andrew Chew

    Andrew Chew Guest

    But wouldn't the lens manufacturer have graded them according to their true
    Andrew Chew, Apr 2, 2005
  6. Andrew Chew

    g.gatti Guest

    It's difficult for me to understand why you have to succumb to such a

    What the ods are saying?

    You suffer from a disease, and the medicine is worst than the malady!!!

    What kind of world have we created?


    Please wake up!
    g.gatti, Apr 2, 2005
  7. Andrew Chew

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Had you been wearing another brand of lenses prior?

    Dr. Leukoma, Apr 2, 2005
  8. Andrew Chew

    Andrew Chew Guest

    I have tried 1-day Acuvues but actually find the FNDs more comfortable due
    to the higher oxygen permeability.
    Andrew Chew, Apr 2, 2005
  9. Andrew Chew

    LarryDoc Guest

    My two cents: I've found that when fitting N&D and lenses of that
    modulus, it is critical to over-refract to determine final lens power at
    any power level, and especially for powers over +/- 4D. Further, when a
    patient is changing from a low DK material or improperly fit (or worn!)
    lens, as the cornea heals/de-swells over the first week or so, the
    refraction changes and the power needs to be adjusted.

    And, as MT said, the resulting acuity difference between lenses and even
    between eyes is not necessarily going to be the same. Sometimes when I
    fit patients, I trial a number of different lenses in each eye. I hope
    that the most comfortable one provides the best vision, but that is not
    always the case.


    BTW, just stopped by for my monthly check to see what's going on over
    here at sci.med.vision. I "see" that the same BS is "happening", with
    75-80% of the traffic having to do with the "dynamic trio" of Otis,
    Rishi and AndrewJ. I've kill filed all of them and threads with related
    subjects and it's remarkable that a few "appropriate" posts get through,
    but even half of them are still "related" to those "pointless points."
    (I do so enjoy the pointless quotes!) So I'll go away again and check
    back next month. Best wishes to all of you who are still here and
    dealing with real issues from real people.

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Apr 2, 2005
  10. Andrew Chew

    Dr. Leukoma Guest

    Thanks for stopping by, Larry. Actually, most of deal with "real"
    issues from "real" people everday. For some of use, sci.med.vision is
    akin to relaxation, and at times, entertainment. Pick and choose.

    Dr. Leukoma, Apr 3, 2005
  11. Andrew Chew

    retinula Guest

    have you noticed that most people just ignor what you say?
    retinula, Apr 3, 2005
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