Transtional lens in rimless glasses becomes blurry?!?! How/Why?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Soadrocks, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Soadrocks


    Jul 23, 2018
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    Dear All:

    I recently purchased a pair of Rimless eyeglasses that are also transitional. One morning I woke up and one lens was blurry. I tried cleaning them, and they were still blurry.

    How does only one lens go blurry? How/Why does this happen? Is there anyway to fix this problem?

    Please advise?

    Only things that come to mind are....The day before I was sitting at a campfire, the next morning, I sat in a sauna (have done these things multiple times)

    Any help would be appreciated!

    They are under warranty and are getting replaced free of charge, but I want to know how to prevent this from happening and I'm out of glasses for a full week....

    Soadrocks, Jul 23, 2018
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