Trying to find good source for replacement lenses for my old eyeglass frames....

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by DAF, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. DAF

    DAF Guest

    My most recent experience with the opthalmologist I had been with for
    several years has made me realize that I need to move on. In
    September I spent over $300 on some Fendi frames for my new
    prescription. It was only that cheap because my vision insurance paid
    the rest. However, I have transition lenses and the frame I got was
    just horrible for that prescription, and for what I need to do most of
    the time, which is read and work at a computer. I am a librarian so
    eyes are big in my work! I got neck strain trying to read with those
    glasses and this fact does not seem to interest
    she-who-does-the-fitting in the least.

    The Fendi frames are very fragile and I have broken them twice...never
    had this happen with other glasses..I am not that hard on things, but
    these things break with very little provocation. Maybe I am breaking
    them accidently on purpose because I hate them!

    For some reason, the person at the doc's office who does the fittings,
    and who is tall and large, got me in a weak moment and just insisted
    that "we need to get you out of those frames". I guess they offended
    her sense of what was fashionable. But I LIKE them and am kicking
    myself for paying her any attention.

    My old frames are larger, but they worked and work fine! It is my own
    fault for giving in (I am usually not so passive), but I really don't
    want to have to arm wrestle with people who are supposed to be helping
    me to get what I want. The actual reading area of those glasses is so
    narrow (laterally, maybe short is a better word), that she recommended
    that I just hold my head up high. I am supposed to do this all the

    Sorry for the whining!

    Anyway, I won't get insurance-subsidized eyeglasses for another year
    and a half so now I am going to have to get some lenses I can use and
    pay for them entirely out of my own pocket. I want to use my old
    frames, which I am wearing now, with the prescription from 2 years ago
    since I have given up on those Fendis. I also want transitions and
    progressives. I am so tired of having to change glasses when I go
    outside. I live in San Diego so the sun is an issue almost every day
    of the year. I liked the transitions (which the Fendis did have), and
    progressives. Now if I can just get both features in one pair of
    eyeglasses without having to pay an arm and a leg, by which I mean the
    $300+ I had to pay just a few months ago!

    I am exploring buying something online. I just want things
    straightforward with the hype (like what I got in connection with
    those Fendi's).


    Does anyone know anything about the lense replacement programs at (website name notwithstanding, they charge $187.90
    to $226.90 for that combo of Transitions/Progressives, depending on
    which brand you choose). They offer VisionEase Outlook Tegra
    Transitions Progressive Lenses at $187.90, or Varilux Polycarbonate
    Transitions Progressives, at $226.90. Does this pricing seem
    reasonable? What about these brands: are they about the same, or is
    there a real difference (other than price)? I have seen a lot of
    positive comments about Varilux, but nothing yet about VisionEase.

    Another company, Eyeglass Lens Replacement ( has
    some Thin Transitions for $75 and Progressives (Varilux comfort or
    Carl Zeiss, which both seem to cost the same, at $90. So that combo
    would be $165 unless I added Anti-reflective coating (which I don't
    seem to have needed on my old glasses), which is $50, or just scratch
    and ultra-violet protective coatings for $25, which I would want, for

    The more I read about the many choices, the more confused I get.

    For what it is worth, here is my current prescription.

    Sphere Cylinder Axis
    Distance O.D. or R +50 -25 100
    O.S. or L +50 -50 080
    Reading O.D. or R P.D. Measurement
    O.S. or L +200

    I imagine that the P.D. measurement they'll be able to get from the
    old frames, which fit fine.

    I worry a little when I see a disclaimer (on some sites) about them
    not being responsible if they damage my old frames. My old frames are
    metal, so I don't think they would be that easy to break. But I don't
    want to be tricked into having to buy new frames, either. I have two
    pairs of these frames. The original pair I had tinted into sunglasses
    which is what I'll be using for the replacement.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    DAF, Jan 31, 2004
  2. DAF

    Mark A Guest

    I am sorry, I got halfway through and decided that I cannot finish reading
    your long winded post without some sort of financial compensation.
    Mark A, Jan 31, 2004
  3. DAF

    Terry Horton Guest

    Advice? Never fill a progressive rx online. Never fill a progressive
    without a monocular PD measurement being taken (if they don't know
    what that is, or say you don't need it, walk out). Until insurance
    kicks in, maybe get a cheap frame in single vision w/ Optx stick-on
    readers. Read this forum. Ask question of fewer than 5000 lines. :)
    Terry Horton, Jan 31, 2004
  4. DAF

    drfrank21 Guest

    My advice- don't. Mail orders may be okay for replacement contact lenses
    but it's a different story for spectacle lenses and frames. The company needs
    a pd and seg hgt measurements (the company can get the oc- optical center
    but not the pd from current lenses) and I think you're just asking for trouble
    to go this route. Plus, unless you match the progressive lens design you currently
    have, you may be in for a big shock with adaptation. What happens if you can't
    see out of them (lens flaw, rx not within ansi standards, etc)??

    You're much better off finding an actual on-site optical store where you have access
    to a knowledgeable optician in case a problem does crop up.

    drfrank21, Jan 31, 2004
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