Varifocal lenses and depth of vision

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by John Perry, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. John Perry

    John Perry Guest

    I am short sighted but also need reading correction and I have found
    that neither distance glasses nor reading glasses were suitable for VDU
    use, and so I went for a set of varificals five years ago.

    A month ago I had my eyes tested and although my distance vision has not
    deteriorated (lens power about 4.0), I need strong reading lenses from
    (1.75 to 2.25).

    The optician said my old lenses were of the cheapest kind and I was
    persuaded to choose not the middle, but the best quality of glass to get
    a better field of focus both horizontally and vertically.

    However, with my new glasses in which the lenses are physically smaller,
    I now find the vertical and horizontal angle that print stays in focus
    is much reduced. For example, using my old glasses and keeping my head
    still I can keep all 4 corners of my TFT screen in focus. My new
    glasses cannot achieve this.

    The opticians have confirmed that my new lenses are made to the correct
    prescription. So, what can explain the deterioration in my vision with
    the new varifocal glasses that are supposed to better suit me and have
    the best quality glass? I have tried using the new glasses for a week
    to get used to them, but that had no effect.

    I would appreciate comments on the above.
    John Perry, Apr 3, 2004
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  2. John Perry

    Ann Guest

    Where did you buy them from? If from one of the chain opticians you
    probably got sold them by someone who doesn't have a clue what they
    are talking about. You should take them back, get your money back and
    go to one of the small independent opticians where the optician will
    be able to advise as to the make of lenses that are right for you.
    All the chain stores will give you your money back within a certain
    time (mine said 60 days although the offer was to replace with single
    vision glasses, I got my money back).

    If you bought them from a decent optician in the first place then take
    them back and say they are not suitable. I found out after I'd tried
    them and given up that this is what I should have done. I'll give it
    another go in a few years time.

    Ann, Apr 4, 2004
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  3. John Perry

    John Perry Guest

    I have now had a set of lenses made with the new prescription but with
    the old style of lower quality plastic lens. The higher quality ones
    perform better. So I have concluded:

    Either the increase in the add has adversely affect the focus

    Or because the lenses are smaller they focusing is not as good.

    Accurate prescription is now:

    New prescription with old lenses
    1.6 PGX Rodenstock
    Sph Cyl Axis Add
    R -4.5 -0.75 75 2.25
    L -3.75 -0.75 135 2.25

    Old Prescription

    Sph Cyl Axis Add
    R -4.5 -0.75 80 1.75
    L -4.0 -0.50 130 1.75
    Yes I can see slightly better in the distance with the new glasses.
    Yes, I have had a search on Google, and have read those threads.

    I am beginning to reach the conclusion that I cannot have one get of
    glasses that fully support distance, VDU (650mm) and reading (300mm).
    John Perry, Apr 12, 2004
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