Varilux progressives, have to lift frames a little to read.

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by HappyHunter, Jul 10, 2022.

  1. HappyHunter


    Jul 10, 2022
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    I had cataract surgery about three months ago (with no correction for astigmatism) and recently bought glasses with Varilux progressive lenses (which i have worn previously for many years). I went to a very reputable optometrist for a prescription, and an optician for glasses. I stressed that i wanted genuine Varilux brand.
    The first pair they made for me had a problem….i had to lift them up about 1/4” in order to see to read a book, or my iPad. Lying in bed, propped up, looking down through the very bottom of the lenses, the text is sharp. But sitting in a chair, or at a table i have to lift the frames up to read.
    So i returned them and the second pair that I got last week are a little better, but definitely not right.

    Anyone know why this might be happening?

    HappyHunter, Jul 10, 2022
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