very small galsses

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by themailbox, May 12, 2004.

  1. themailbox

    themailbox Guest

    The new glasses I got a week ago are too small for me. When I turn my
    eyes the lenses are not there, thus I cannot see in all direction,
    only directly in front of me. I want to go back to the doctor and
    address this problem but I dont know what to say -- after all I chose
    the frames myself. Can anyone suggest me what to do?
    themailbox, May 12, 2004
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  2. themailbox

    Dan Abel Guest

    It depends on just how small they are. I find that I don't see all that
    great anyway if I try to turn my eyes too far. I would rather turn my
    head. Of course, if you are trying to read something and you can't see
    both ends of the line without moving your head, that is unacceptable for
    anything more than about three lines (a two line billboard ad would be OK
    for me). I'm sure you don't want to hear this, but chances are that in a
    week or two you will get used to those glasses and it won't bother you any
    more. Like I said, it all depends on just how small they are. Did you
    used to have big glasses?

    I had the opposite problem. Back before they invented the wheel, when I
    got my first glasses (in fourth grade), the fashion was small glasses.
    That's all they had, as I remember. I don't remember how many sets of
    glasses I had, but not many. Then for some decades my vision didn't
    change (or I didn't go to the eye doctor :) ). When I did go, my vision
    had changed. I didn't want to get the glasses at my HMO, because I hadn't
    heard great things about them and they were 15 miles away in a direction
    that I seldom went. I had heard great things about the local independent
    optician and so went there. She tried to interest me in soft contacts,
    even though she didn't sell them. She said they were better for certain
    activities in bed! I wasn't interested in contacts, so I looked at some
    frames. I kept insisting that I was very used to small glasses, but she
    insisted that they weren't in style and that I wouldn't be happy with
    small frames. Well, I just couldn't stand the big glasses. I'm not sure
    why, but I suspect that I was used to having peripheral vision and it was
    blocked by those big glasses and frames (the lenses were very thick due to
    my high myopia). I finally decided that I would rather just wear the old
    glasses and put the new ones away. Some years later we got vision
    insurance at my work and I picked an OD based on a recommendation by
    someone I worked with. I talked them into medium-sized glasses. In fact
    I believe I was insistent, and besides, they were in fashion then. They
    worked great. After I was completely used to them, I tried on the big
    glasses that didn't used to work. They worked just fine for me, so I got
    them colored to use as sunglasses.

    I would suggest doing as the other poster suggested. If you are sure the
    glasses won't work for you, call the office and be honest. Tell them that
    they just don't work for you. If you used to have big glasses and they
    didn't warn you that you might have problems with small glasses, my
    opinion is that they bear some of the responsibility. In any case, they
    need to provide you with glasses that work. The only question is who is
    going to pay. I understand there is a huge markup on frames, but I don't
    know how returns on frames works. I would think that the doctor would
    give you a "deal" on new frames, since he will still make a profit. The
    new lenses are another matter, but if they are single vision plastic then
    they aren't too expensive.
    Dan Abel, May 12, 2004
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  3. It takes a while to get used to small lenses. I've still got my old large glasses
    and there is no way I could ever wear them again now.
    Adrian Boliston, May 13, 2004
  4. themailbox

    Bryan Putnam Guest

    You might be able to get the frames adjusted so the lenses are closer to
    your eyes.

    Bryan Putnam, May 13, 2004
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