Wearing Eyeglasses With Contacts

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by mykal, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. mykal

    mykal Guest

    I've done a little Internet searching around, and so far found no
    information on the idea of wearing contacts and eyeglasses at the same time.

    After ten years since the onset of middle age in my life, I am now compelled
    to use prescription lenses. OTC reading glasses just don't make it anymore.
    I'm far sighted, have an astigmatism, and have developed presbyopia to where
    I simply must wear glasses to read or work with things up close. Now with
    years of experience with taking care of cheap OTC glasses, and with eyes
    that need something better, I'm ready to own some quality prescription
    eyewear. Anyway, I'm thinking that contacts that corrected for my
    astigmatism and hyperopia would be best for my outdoor activities, while a
    supplemental pair of bifocals would serve for providing for good visual
    acuity for up-close work and detailed focusing at intermediate ranges.

    To be clear, I'm thinking that a good idea for my needs would be to wear
    contacts all day. Additional to the contacts when needed, I'd wear
    eyeglasses that provide a boost for adapting to presbyopia so I can read
    fine print and have a clearer intermediate focus.

    So my question goes something like this: Do people use contacts and
    prescription eyeglasses at the same time?
    mykal, Oct 22, 2005
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  2. mykal

    Neil Brooks Guest

    Yup. I did it for years. In my case, it was because my prescription
    was too meaty to do a really good job in cosmetically acceptable
    glasses. Also, we were trying to determine -- if LASIK were elected
    -- which refractive error would we fix: astigmatism or hyperopia.

    I wore the hyperopic correction in the contact lenses, had a pair of
    astigmatic correction only glasses to wear for distance vision, then
    another pair of glasses that had astigmatic correction /and/ some plus
    power in them for near work.

    Works ok. I think it's less unusual than you might think.
    Neil Brooks, Oct 23, 2005
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  3. mykal

    LarryDoc Guest

    Sure. No big deal. Do it all the time for people in situations similar
    to yours. The contact lenses can be set for distance or near, with or
    without astigmatism correction and the spectacles set up to correct what
    the contacts do not. An often-used solution is contact lenses for best
    distance correction including all or most of the astigmatism (if that
    works well) with PAL (progressive multifocal) spectacles: no distance
    correction (except for any not-in-contact lens astigmatism) with
    progressive intermediate-to-near. Pretty simple and straightforward.

    --LB, O.D.
    LarryDoc, Oct 23, 2005
  4. mykal

    mykal Guest

    That would be an ideal solution!

    Just got word on an O.D. in Seattle, whom I will likely be visiting soon.

    - Mykal
    mykal, Oct 23, 2005
  5. mykal

    Dick Adams Guest

    "Quick" wrote in message
    Another solution would be smaller monitors closer. Then you
    could sleaze by with cheap bifocals. Of course, no one will be
    impressed by cheap bifocals or small monitors.

    To me, a practical solution for indoors would be add 1.0D for
    the room and 2 or 2.25 for the closer work. One could
    consider the half-and-half lenses. I think they are called "Franklin"
    (after Ben) or "Library". But, heck, you cannot mail-order that
    kind. They are, however, unique, and somewhat fashionable.
    Poets and scholars use them.

    Gloriously, IOL implants have left me seeing quite sharply at ~ 1M, and
    with apparently only about a half diopter of unresolved astigmatism. So
    I am doing just fine with little Walgreen half-pane +1.25D reading
    glasses. But basically my biggest problem is being able to read
    the schedule while watching the TV. Here, the smaller-and-closer
    solution is also applied to TV sets.

    In a couple of weeks, the time will be right for refraction and the
    fitting of eyeglasses. So I need to make my decisions carefully as
    SS will only pay for one pair of eyeglasses, and, case of bifocals,
    with visible edges between the panes.
    When you are dead, you can see everything clearly again.
    Dick Adams, Oct 23, 2005
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