Wet AMD Clinical Trial

Discussion in 'Optometry Archives' started by Rex, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Rex

    Rex Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm a new member here and I would like to inform those of you who have
    wet AMD, or know someone who does, that a new clinical trial is
    starting soon to test Evizon, a new treatment now in stage II and III
    clinical trials. The drug, put out by Genaera Corp., looks very
    promising especially since it is administered intravenously rather than
    with injections directly into the affected eye as with other drugs such
    as Avastin and Lucentis. Unlike the other treatments, Evizon also
    treats both eyes at the same time and its safety has been demonstrated
    in previous trials. The FDA has granted fast track status for Evizon
    and even selected it for a special FDA monitoring program for new
    promising treatments. The new trial, called 212, is recruiting right
    now and I believe patients are paid $75 per visit or treatment. More
    information can be attained at Genaera's website: www.genaera.com or by
    calling Genaera's Wayne Yarnell at 610-941-5655 or Linda Solomon
    (returns on June 19th) at 610-941-4020.

    By the way, I am not an employee of Genaera nor have I been engaged by

    Good luck to all.
    Rex, Jun 16, 2006
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  2. Rex

    Rex Guest

    Good question, Anon. The answer lies in the fact that there are quite
    a few safety issues associated with injections directly into the eye
    ball. Evizon is not administered via intravitreal injection but rather
    intravenously, which is much safer and a lot more comfortable. Another
    safety issue associated with needles in the eye is that many people who
    are afraid of normal injections are terrified at the prospect of having
    to undergo an injection into the eyeball itself. Since the population
    of wet AMD patients tend to be older, the stress associated with
    intravitreal injections could have very serious consequences especially
    if the patient has any health issues that could be aggravated by that
    stress. I know that even when my eye doctor wants to put eye drops in
    my eye, I can feel my blood pressure sky rocket. So my answer to you
    is that aside from the efficacy of Evizon which is good and has
    advantages that other treatments don't have, it has been demonstrated
    to be safer than other treatments and that safety profile, in and of
    itself, makes Evizon a very promising treatment for Wet AMD. Thanks
    for the question.

    Rex, Jun 17, 2006
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  3. Relax... It's just eyedrops... :)

    Here's a typical example and lines I use:

    *Female patient freaking out from eyedrops*
    Me: Do you have any children?
    Patient: Yes. 3.
    Me: So you've gone through childbirth and you are stressing
    out with me putting a few eyedrops in your eyes :) ???

    Many times that gets them to relax a little. I have to think up a
    good on to use on my male patients (besides driving a knuckle into
    their head :^O ).

    Same thing goes when I do tonometry, scleral indentation, gonioscopy,
    contact lens application/removal, lacrimal dilation/probing, foreign
    body removal, etc.
    I guess we are just talking semantics.

    I understood how many patients would prefer an IV injection versus an
    intraocular, I just don't/didn't understand how that, in and of
    itself, makes it more **promising**.

    Promising, to me, is based on its potential or real efficacy, not the
    method of delivery.

    But I get what you were getting at now.
    Anon E. Moose, Jun 17, 2006
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