What is an approved soap for cleaning eyeglasses?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by Pat, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Pat

    Pat Guest

    I have Zeiss cleaning cloths and Zeiss cleaning liquid for antireflective
    lenses. I find that I don't get a perfect streak free finish if I use ether,
    although I sometimes use it. If you clean the lenses with a Zeiss cloth (or
    any similar lens cloth) it leaves tracks, not scratches, but residual smudge
    marks. Wipe marks.

    Zeiss approves using soap on a daily basis:


    I have had good luck using a daily cleaning of my eyeglasses with a drop of
    DOVE detergent soap, over the years. I first run warm water at an angle over
    the lenses. Then I rub a drop of DOVE detergent between my thumb and index
    fingers, getting it to suds up. I apply this to the wet lenses for about 5
    seconds. Then I wash them thoroughly for 30 seconds in warm water. When
    done, I absorb any drops with a tissue. I know I'm not supposed to rub
    lenses them with a tissue. I don't. I touch the tissue against the drops and
    they get absorbed into the tissue. NO RUBBING!!! Then I rest the glasses on
    a cloth in a safe area and let them dry on their own.

    I recently have purchased new eyeglasses with antireflective, scratch
    resistant Zeiss coated lenses. I am asking if I should continue to use the
    Dove or switch to another liquid soap that is even better. Please name brand
    names in any recommendations.

    On a Google search, someone recommended a hand soap that is non
    moisturizing. No brand names were given. What about DOVE detergent?
    Pat, Nov 13, 2003
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  2. Pat

    Mark A Guest

    When cleaning expensive camera lens (with some serious coatings on them) I
    found that using a lens cleaner followed by distilled water is the best way
    to prevent streaking. You can get a bottle of distilled water for about
    $0.75 at a grocery or discount store.
    Mark A, Nov 13, 2003
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