When to buy computer glasses?

Discussion in 'Glasses' started by mike171717, Oct 1, 2022.

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    Oct 1, 2022
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    I am a late-thirties male, near-sighted.

    I recently visited the optometrist for an exam and new prescription for my glasses.

    I only just found out about the concept of "computer glasses". By "computer glasses", I mean those with a customized prescription, tailored to the wearer, for looking at things within the typical distance-range of working at a desk. I do not mean glasses that are intended to filter out blue-light.

    This concept appeals to me because I am a software developer and work all day at my desk and to have read a lot of small text. However, I am not sure if (or when) I should buy computer glasses. This is because, although I need a new prescription to see things more clearly, I don't experience head-aches or eye-strain that I am aware of. Also I do not have trouble reading things that are very close to me (like books) without my glasses (no presbyopia issues).

    So should I start off by just getting one pair of glasses with my latest prescription and try to use those glasses for all of my tasks (looking at things far and close)? Should I wait and see if I have trouble with computer-work with this single pair, and only then investigate "computer glasses" if I experience headaches/eye-strain/unclear vision?

    As a near-sighted person, would using my "regular prespcription" (i.e. glasses for seeing far away) be "overkill" for desk-work? i.e. would I be using "too much correction" for desk-work and would this weaken my eyesight or weaken it more rapidly? Should I be using a "weaker" prescription for close-work?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    My prescription is:

    - OD [Sph: -3.00], [Add + 0.75]

    - OS [Sph: -1.75], [Cyl -1.00], [Axe 168] [Add +0.75]
    mike171717, Oct 1, 2022
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