Wobbling/wiggling of objects in peripheral vision

Discussion in 'Eye-Care' started by t_mark, Aug 13, 2004.

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    I'll state my question first, and follow it with the background:

    I've only just really noticed this though I suspect it's been happening and
    I just couldn't pick it out of the 'noise' of things in my vision moving:
    especially in better-lit areas (like on my balcony, possibly in my kitchen
    where a large overhead light shines on white cabinets and countertops), if I
    look at something in my central vision, items - especially those with
    contrast - at the edge of my peripheral vision seem to shake. It's not
    really a rhythmic shaking, it's almost like what happens to things just
    outside your central vision if you focus on something closely and you see
    things outside that middle area move in or out, possibly change intensity a
    bit. But this is happening instantaneously, and it's really only in the
    last, say 20% of my visual field on the periphery. There's very clear
    movement now that I know what I'm looking for, though sometimes it happens
    and sometimes it doesn't. The higher the contrast of the item (and the more
    linear it is, it seems) the more easily I notice it. Example: a dark
    barbell laying on a white floor, or the bars of a balcony railing against
    the grass three stories below. It's not _that_ shaking that bothers me, but
    since it seems very much like what happens in my central vision, and because
    I can recreate it by standing in an area where many things are moving in
    different directions (a balcony with many plants blowing in the wind), I
    suspect it has to be related. Does anyone have any clue whatsoever what
    this might be? Could it be the slowly waning after-effect of a virus from
    10 months ago? (See below.) Could it be related to astigmatism? I'm told
    I have such in one eye. I need vision correction for driving at night, but
    using glasses I'm easily correctable to 20/20, and I do 10+ hours of close
    computer work on a daily basis with no need of glasses. I'm really at a
    loss, as are the many doctors I've seen.

    About a year ago I came down with a very bad flu. Within a few weeks of it
    going away I began having fleeting (<1 second) sensations of linear movement
    and dizziness sensations, but never rotational vertigo. These began at one
    or two a day, and over the course of about a month and a half it got worse
    and peaked at many times per hour, primarily when viewing a computer screen
    or television with movement, but also when my field of vision would pan in
    some way; I could never recreate this, I couldn't "do what I just did" and
    have it happen again, it was random. I additionally had, for a few days at
    the peak, a sensation of 'pulling' around the tops of my eyes, usually when
    these sensations hit, but even without them there was a feeling of weight up
    there. An optometrist who saw me about a week after this peak saw no
    evidence of physical trouble, and no nystagmus.

    Within a month I was tried on a round of antibiotics, which seemed to
    improve the symptoms dramatically. I had about two weeks of clear sailing.
    At that point things started creeping up again, but this time it presented
    as a vague rocking sensation when walking, no visual dizziness, and most
    noticable when I moved and then stopped; when stopping, it feels (and looks)
    like things rock slightly one way and then another before they, too, stop
    moving. Vague feelings of unsteadiness accompany this. I'm find in an
    eyes-open romberg, I have a little sway eyes closed, but I think I've always
    had that.

    This last version (wobbling vision/sensation upon stopping movement) has
    persisted for 8 months now. It has improved three times for anywhere from
    10 to 21 days, going away 95% to 100%, before coming back. The visual
    impression of things rocking slightly seems to be diminishing for the most
    part, unless my central field of vision has a lot of movement. For example,
    standing on my balcony with all my plants blowing variously in the wind will
    definitely set it off.

    I have seen: an allergy specialist, who says I may have allergies.

    I've seen an ENT, who says my sinuses had a little inflammation, and who had
    an MRI, an ENG, an audiogram, an otoacoustic emissions test, and bloodwork
    done to look for thyroid, multiple sclerosis, acoustic neuroma, etc. (This
    was six months after onset.) Everything came back normal, and the MRI was
    clean save for a few small areas attributed to ventricular spaces on some
    scans, and I have been repeatedly assured that those are common and that the
    other scans would have shown something if they were anything but that. I
    have been worried about MS, obviously, but I'm told that because the scan
    was clear and because I have no symptoms that seem to fit (and only this one
    symptom), it is unlikely. MRIs early in the disease can miss it, but this
    is apparently not the sort of presentation one would see; I am also told
    that even if my vestibular and/or visual centers or nerves had been
    attacked, in MS I would have a different experience than what I'm describing
    regardless. I sincerely hope that's true, as it's my biggest fear.

    Meniere's has been virtually ruled out, as I have no hallmark symptoms and
    nothing on the testing looks like it. I have also seen an otologist, a
    neurologist, and the best neuro-opthalmologist (twice) in the state. I have
    had four slit-lamp eye exams (I guess that's what they are - lengthy
    physical exams under total dilation), all of which came out with flying
    colors. I have had five of the exams where you look into a white
    half-sphere and pick out lights flashing in different fields of vision.
    (Two by a neuro-opth, three by an optometrist.) One at the optometrist
    showed a slight abnormality in one eye which was chalked up to me probably
    not paying attention at the end of the test and was apparently within
    limits, but the others came out great.

    I have no problem driving, walking, watching TV, spinning around instantly
    180 degrees. But if I go into the kitchen and take a step sideways moving
    around the counter, take something out of the microwave, put something in
    the fridge - I get the feeling of sort of spatial unsteadiness. (I have
    never fallen over or felt like I was going to, never run into a wall, never
    tripped, I can close my eyes, lean my head back and touch my fingers to my
    nose.) I can walk down a long aisle in a supermarket with no problems. But
    walking from my computer into the kitchen? Walking down the hallway,
    jigging a little to the right and then stopping at the counter or fridge?
    Produces a very disturbing rocking sensation that I just can't seem to
    habituate to. I can whip my head around 45 degrees and instantly focus on
    text on a screen, read while walking or riding in a car, and things do not
    move when I walk (unless I have stiff-soled shoes on, then I get a bit of
    vibration when my heel strikes the ground, but I believe I've always had
    that too). Based on this, I'm told I do not have oscillopsia.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Despite the number of things that are
    not being interfered with, this is nevertheless causing a huge amount of
    consternation for me, and is causing physical difficulty as well. For
    instance, while I can walk down that supermarket aisle with no problem, when
    I stop walking and look around the shelf this sensation hits. In short, I
    can't find any 'typical' explanations to fit this, but it's happening on a
    many-times-per-hour basis.
    t_mark, Aug 13, 2004
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  2. t_mark


    Jan 6, 2014
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    Same thing going on with me

    Have similar issues with shaky peripheral vision..additionally I have a blueish / silver area in my lower right eye that likes to present itself when I go from Dark to Light conditions. Traveled to numerous nuero doctors, eye doctors, primary doctors - everyone says everything is normal in your eye nothing to worry about.

    I want it gone and normal visual clarilty and stability re-established! I can understand how frustrating this could be. My sypmtoms seems to present themselves after a battle with upper-respitory infection. Wonder if it was ever completely eliminated??

    Hope they fine out what it is for you I am still looking for answers - been two years without any real ones.

    equesnel, Jan 6, 2014
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  3. t_mark


    Mar 9, 2020
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    T_mark im afraid you may never read my reply.. I am having these troubles and no doctor seems to know what I'm talking about have you gotten a diagnosis or leads??? If you see this PLEASE reach out!!!
    Katym21, Mar 9, 2020
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